Are there any Vanilla players/ Guilds still around on Arathor?

I’ve just returned to WoW after almost a 16 year hiatus and I was wondering if any vanilla players/ guilds still existed on Arathor?

I used to be a part of a great raiding guild years back - Beautiful People - and I, without a doubt, have some of the fondest memories raiding, PVP’ing and just having an outright good time in general. I’ve never really captured that feeling since the good old days.

Guilds like The Dark Brotherhood, Mythical(?) Honour, and BSC come to mind, but though i’d reach out and see who’s still around. My character name and class are the same as what they were all those years ago. A bit of a long-shot but thought I’d put it out there - it would be great to reconnect!

(If there’s a separate forum for this sort of stuff - just point me in the right direction).



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