Are there guilds intending to sell raidloot later

like the topic suggests I am looking in the near or distant future for a guild that plans to offer selling tier loot.

I would like to know how much I would have to pay for.

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It was illegal on private servers, do you know how the rules work for the game? Perhaps it would be worth looking into so we dont end up making a mistake

Shouldn’t be an issue as long as it’s for ingame gold. Ofcourse real money trading is against the ToS.

Ah i see, where can i read up on the TOS? I would be very interested to see the rulings on the topic. Lets say a person buys gold from a goldseller ingame and then buys epics with that gold. That could be quite bad for the game if blizzard isnt sharp with their control on the issue of real life goldselling. Ive heard that many people are farming zul farrak and sells gold all the time without punishment.

What I ment is spending my Gold that i farmed ingame for Raidloot. At somepoint guild have everything from MC and BWL - but anyway i found a guild and I am very happy raiding with them.

I guess I do not need to worrie anymore about not getting my Warrior T1 set ;D

Its allowed to buy raidloot with gold, its not against ToS.

On horde side there are guilds that sell raid loot already, including Benediction,Tier gear, Onyxia’s head and more.

Not sure if the Alliance are doing that yet, but they will start for sure.