Are Warlocks actual unfit for the Aldor?

What I wonder since Classic, is that Warlocks can said with Aldor mainly Engineequality?
Cause their animosity with the Scryers, their history with the Legion, their light faith and their war with the shadow council does not really convince me, that they would accept warlocks with a fight fire with fire mentality.
How do you guys see it?

I see “game mechanics”.
There are several race/class combinations that “logically” would not be allowed to parttake in certain in-game events.

Void elves can be holy priests, and Lightforged Draenei can be shadow priests and unholy death knights.

I might not want to roleplay that, even though the game mechanics allow it.

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Demons aren’t really an issue for the light if you go by Lothraxxion who at the time of his introduction was very much considered a demon like all other dreadlords before it (because all known dreadlords were spying on the legion for denathrius).

If the light can be convinced that the demons that are being summoned can be made to serve the light, it will convince itself of it again as hinted by the Lothraxxion case in combination with some flavour lore in SL

The main issue I see with warlocks isn’t so much the demon summoning, its the fact that fel magic has been shown multiple times to be fueled by souls/life force.

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But some people are bad people… Surely it’s okay to confiscate their souls/lifeforce, and use it for the, umm, greater good? :smirk:


It’s okay, Mortend. You can confiscate their souls and use it for the greater good.


Thank you for all the answers. In the German Forum someone pointed to me out that I should look for the teachers that came with Cata for that to answer.
As both fractions have teachers of their race it seems so that the scryer seem to accept Warlocks too while the Aldor have none so Aldor warlocks that level there need to go to the neutral fractionless Broken near the cenarion expedition.
So yeah that PC Warlocks could get associated with the Aldor seem really to be:

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That is some good journalistic digging for truth and answers! :grinning:

Being an old WoW player, perhaps I should have known, but I wasn’t very active in Outland back then.

Even to this day, I think there’s still a lot of questing I haven’t done in Outland.

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