Are we still denying that World of Warcraft is dying?

Almost 150 Classic WoW realms worldwide, with 5+ million players. More than BfA, FFXIV and ESO … COMBINED.
BfA with maybe 1 million players. Probably less.

These numbers are clear for anyone to see, no need for an official statement, because it would clearly be an acceptance that Blizzard failed for 12+ years with WoW.

WoW is not dying, only Retail WoW is.

And the future action of Blizzard, and probably a full statement on numbers at Blizzcon this year, will show their intent to close Retail after next expansion, which will be the last one.

They might move Retail to mobile, but as a PC game, Retail WoW is done. One more expansion and its funeral will be official.

Trelw are forum wizard who deals in facts can easily debunk your numbers and has done in the last week .Please stop the anti retail trolling its getting sad now .

I urge you to read that ,a post that use’s actually numbers .

Actually not even close to 150 servers with EU and US combined it just reaches 60 adding other langauges would push it to 100 max.

If it is so easy to get as you claim then go ahead noone is stopping you from doing so. On the other hand, in order to get the specific pieces with the right proc you know very well that you need to farm and gamble tons of manapearls otherwise you end up with traits like “you swim faster” or “you appear larger” for example.
Your response is exactly what i meant about the ones who will cry over anything that is half decent and doesn’t come from instances. This is the reason why professions and crafting has been meaningless in the past 3 expansion.
I could never understand how some players are so affected by what others get or not. After all, what is amazing on WoW is its world too bad that the loud minority is trying to lock everyone up in an instance in order to play the game.

Anymore made up numbers or do you have sources ?

The bandwagon has existed since Vanilla and even persisted in WoW’s most successful days even when it boasted more than 10 million active subs.

But given it’s no secret that BFA has been less than successful…and now you got Classic which is a hit so far…

…let’s just say that’s a lot of food for thought.

The game certainly feels dead and I wish they merged servers or whatever to increase population. Last night when I was online at 2am barely any players where outside Stormwind whereas months ago every single night you could find people playing and dueling there until early morning. It’s simply a fact that a lot less people are playing. I would not bother with the forums however as only the most fanboyish people usually browse and post on the forums so all you’re gonna get here is hate. When I bring this up ingame everyone agrees, it’s just a tiny minority on the forum who have nothing better to do (surprise there) than to disagree with every post which puts WoW in a negative light.

It is a simple fact that you can not possibly know this for a fact you are guessing at best.
But regardless wow is still the biggest MMORPG on the market, so if wow is dead then every single other MMO on the market is dead.

But you can keep guessing the same thing as what people have done sins 2004 and it is still going strong at 2019

I will try saying it in a way that a simple fanboy will understand. Until Blizzard has the balls to announce their subscription numbers my view on whether the game feels more dead or not is a fact.
You get that or…?

Blizzard has never ever told people the sub numbers.

No it is not a fact it is opinion your opinion to be precise

Oh and i should mention i did the same “test” as you did and everyone said the game was going strong and people where starting to come back from classic

Yes they have back in WOTLK when it was at a peak and yes my opinion is a fact. Stop pretending you’re a scientist at NASA and can only accept FACTUAL INFORMATION. Nobody has the sub numbers so stop talking about FACTS AND SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. Blizzard doesn’t announce the numbers cause they know half the players would quit if they realized that they were not playing the biggest game ever.

NO THEY NEVER DID those numbers came from INVESTOR meetings not blizzard saying to the public there sub numbers massive differance.

Correct and that is why there is no one that can be factually right.
it is ALL guesswork. your opinion is not a fact any more then my opinion about sub numbers is a fact.
This is you using words to try to confuse people so they think facts about this actually are out here.

Anything Blizard says to investors is public as they are a public company. Can you stop posting or replying if you have no clue?
They quit telling THE PUBLIC, yes I mean the investors (just for you so you can understand :slight_smile:) the sub numbers because they have been decreasing year by year and they would lose money if the figures came out.

Again, since nobody has the accurate numbers PEOPLE CAN POST THE NEXT BEST THING which is their view by playing the game. All you are doing here is post garbage for the sake of arguing and nothing else. How exactly has your post contributed here in ANY WAY? It hasn’t. Cause all you wanna do is argue with anyone who puts WoW in a negative way. Now please just stop. Go chill on your bed and try to think about who you are and what you are doing with your life. No, defending World of Warcraft on the forums on a Sunday evening without getting paid for it is not the equivalent of looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, think again.

No your opinion is a subjective view and please remember the forums rules .

and also read here

Community forums are at their best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner when participating in these forums.

So please keep the fanboy and attitude out of things if you wish to be taken serious :slight_smile:

My anecdotal evidence proves everyone wrong and any argument against me is invalid.

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This is the point. People are stating their opinions and views and a bunch of weird people are coming to each and every one of them to explain to them that nobody has the sub numbers so their view is invalid. How does that make any sense? It’s ridiculous.

gotta realize people tend to fight for what they love and care about but this also doesn’t make what they are fighting for is right as their emotions tend to blind them
but senseless hate while bashing others because they don’t agree with yourself isn’t any better

you mentioned earlier about merging servers which is great idea I think or better sharding as at times I see more people from other servers then the one im on but there will be people that will be against it always.

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BFA has been the BEST xpac so far ,… I don’t agree with you at all.

Well I don’t think that WoW is dying, but I believe that the playerbase and the crowd it appeals to is getting smaller.

WoW is no longer for everybody, There’s not as much room for casuals as there used to be, and the PvP aspect of the game is left to rot. Naturally people from those two groups will seek other games to play.

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