Are you able to skip the Nazjatar/Mechagon intro on alts?

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Just a quick query for anyone who’s in the know. Playing through Nazjatar and Mechagon I got the uneasy feeling that the large amount of introductory quests might be necessary on alts as well, which would be a huge bummer if true. The devs did a great job back in 7.2 of making the Broken Shore immediately accessible for alts by skipping the intro, but Argus was immensely cumbersome for alts due to all the progression stages and quests that had to be repeated on alts.

I hope this new content follows the same pattern as 7.2 and not 7.3.


You have to do the intro quests for Nazjatar, Mechagon and the Heart Forge on every single character, no skipping.

It is unbelievably tedious for somebody who plays 10+ alts, such as myself, but I do have a few points of advice.

Number 1: Unlock Nazjatar and the Heart Forge on all of your alts as this is required for them to be relevant in any sort of end game stuff (annoying, I know) but this doesn’t mean you need to grind Nazjatar WQ’s or dailies on them, just unlock the Heart Forge and do the dailies which give an essence.

Number 2: Only actively do Mechagon content on one character, doing it on multiple will take you too much time because quite frankly the zone is poorly designed gameplay, content and progression wise.

Number 3: If your alts have trinkets above 400, ignore Mechagon on them entirely (they will not be missing out or falling behind if you do) if they don’t have 400+ trinkets, do the intro quests to Mechagon and do the 400 trinket quest and then leave the zone and never return on those characters.

Number 4: Use your main to grind low level Benthic gear for your undergeared alts, so they have a chance at completing the awful Nazjatar introduction quests.

This patch is extremely alt unfriendly, and to all those who could reply to this and give me crap about how you can buy benthic gear for any alt and gear them up quickly blah blah blah, yeah, you can do that, but it is completely obsolete 385 gear and in order to upgrade it you have to run around a zone doing tedious and boring world quests on multiple characters because for some reason you can’t trade the new currency.

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That’s a real bummer. It should be the standard at this point that busywork introduction quests like this are skippable on alts, especially when they tie into pretty mandatory endgame systems like the Heart of Azeroth. It really makes me feel like they need to revisit the whole idea of alt progression in general going forward, or they’re going to keep running into problems like this.

I’d love to see WoW adopt something similar to the FFXIV system of focusing on one character rather than many. Not to the extent of allowing one character to be multiple classes or anything, but perhaps being able to switch to your alts without a relog and maintain your quest progression, reputation, currencies etc. across all of them.


the Dark Portal, Brokenshore and Battle for Lordaeron skip options appeared about 1 patch later so they will hopefully arrive in 8.2.5

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