Are you actually watching me Ion?

I’m beginning to suspect that i’m the basis of nerfs this patch.

2 days after i got Echoing, nerfed.
day after i got TD, nerfed to have a target cap.
few days after stars, nerfed to 12s internal in PvP.
Tendies, now die if you look at them.
Now i just got my first Gushing i have ever seen drop and guess what happens next reset.

Ion pls stop watching me.

I’m also about to buy some Vers amps so my bad when it gets nerfed.


Don’t you dare do it

I heard haste and mastery amp is BiS for DK

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Idk, it’s pretty common knowledge that stuff that is evidently overperforming is gonna be smacked with some form of nerfbat. Disregarding how long it takes Blizzard to react :stuck_out_tongue:

Give it a month and corruptions won’t even work in PvP :joy:

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Buy some ineffable truths next.

For… no reason.

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I’m on it, watch for the news.

Not a chance. Give it a month and Blizzard will have introduced another corruption that makes you reduce enemy corruption.

Watch it.

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Hahahahahaha Thats it

Lmao can actually see that happening.

“bruh ur so bad how did u not randomly proc ur thing that stops the enemy from randomly proccing things?”

Would u doubt it Blizzard will do that xD