Are you getting loot from blooms in emerald dream? I havent gotten a single item for almost 3 hours on 2 chars

All I get are flightstones and thats it. That doesnt sound like a reasonable catch up mechanic to me…All the blooms are at 100%, most of them blue+. Are you getting anything right now? It looks like bugged to me.

The gear quest is weekly

It’s also worth doing


Im talking about the emerald bounty flower encounters ppl keep farming over and over again. They were dropping loot before.

There is a weekly cap of 90 crests, maybe you hit that cap? They also just changed the reputation gains to 250 for the first five, then 5 rep for the rest. Some people have reported mounts dropping, personally i havent seen any, just crests and rep. I dont recall getting any gear from the bounties themselves, but i do occationally get a blue item at 3/8 or 4/8 from the mobs associated with the event.


Im talking about the actual gear that drops there or used to drop until few hours ago. Im trying to get my alts ready for some basic m+, but while its nice to have 1kl+ flightstones, Im getting no gear to use it on.

I get that, and like i said, i dont recall getting any gear from the bounty. I did a quick wowhead search, and found that according to other people aswell, gear does not drop from the bounty itself, but from the mobs associated with it.
The gear that drops from these mobs is the same as the green gear that drops anywhere in the zone, it is just upgraded to blue because it has a couple of upgrades on it, like 3/8 or 4/8 instead of 1/8

Then I guess Im going crazy. I would swear I got tons of 418-441 items from these events even outside of the superbloom.

Highest i have seen outside of weekly rewards is 424, i got 3x 441 pieces from weekly quests. One from Super blossom cache, one from the superblossom boss, and one from “a worthy ally” weekly.
I have however gotten plenty of 418-424 gear as random drops from pretty much any mob in the zone.
Edit: I have 4x 441’s, do not remember where i got the 4th one

I’ve had some random drops but I’ve d/ed them all so far. Don’t remember any of it coming from the seeds though. Ranging from 418 to 434.

I certainly got a lot more from the seeds yesterday, including some gear and other items but then they hot fixed them and now all i get is rep and flightstones, and after first 5 seeds per week rep is reduced to 5(ish) rep per seed.

Ok, so there were some changes and there is a cap, so I suppose I was right about getting loot before and now it gives literally nothing at all. I am not crazy then…

It doesn’t mention loot but your not going crazy. Whatever this rep fix did changed loot too.

I got like 5 mount copies and other loot from it earlier. I got literally nothing outside of flightstones recently. Jesus, this company is such a joke that we cant even differentiate a bug from a feature. Nobody knows how things are supposed to work anymore. And they want us to pay 200% for early access to expansions, when they cant deliver a simple patch without 200 bugs in it?

Ive done about 75 and never had a piece of gear since launch, ive had 424 blue BoE gear from the plants that spawn during it but that gear drops from almost every mob in the dream.


Blizzard rarely explain extensively how things work, sites like Wowhead and various content creators tend to do testing and write/create guides. This is the news article Blizzard put out:-

and as an example here is the wowhead guide

My understanding is the seeds give mats, flightstones, mounts, crests, some transmog etc which and nurturing plays a part. Any random gear drops I’ve had have usually been from killing the mobs, but that’s the same as killing any mobs throughout the zone. They aren’t high drops either mostly. The only higher drops come from the two weeklies.

As for bugs, they exist in games, and have always existed in WoW, they are mostly dealt with a lot faster than back in TBC/Wrath days. I’ve not come across anything game breaking myself so far but there is time!

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