Today's Dreamseed Hotfixes

At about 00:21 CET today, to address a situation where Dream Wardens Renown could be infinitely farmed, we temporarily hotfixed the game to limit impact while we investigated the situation and evaluated our options. What we did at that time was to make it so that contributing only Dewdrops in the Emerald Bounty no longer granted Rep, while contributing seeds (any seed) to the Emerald Bounty did grant Rep.

We don’t want the most efficient way to max out a Renown to be pure grinding. So with a hotfix that we applied to the game at about 04:24 CET, we’ve reinstated Dream Wardens Rep from Dewdrop contributions into Medium and Large Emerald Blooms, with a large up front Rep bonus to the first five each week. It will remain open-endedly grindable, and for anyone who was doing a moderate number of seeds per week, it will be a net improvement.

We apologize for the confusion today.


Buff the seed rep again please, let us have fun grinding something for once in this expansion. It’s an MMORPG why are you afraid of grinds existing??


This patch is going to last more than 6 months (Probably closer to 10 months), they don’t want us to finish the rep in the first few days, why the rush, anyway?

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Oh no, what a tragedy. How dare players play the game as much as they want and get rewarded in the process.

Oy vey.

What’s the concern? If you want you can still have it last 6 months. I mean to do that.

If someone wants to farm the ever-living daylights out of it and then proceed to do bugger-all for the next 5 months they can go ahead and be my guest. Some people just prefer to play like that; they play a lot, then they take a break. This is okay.

PLEASE revert the the CD’s for being able to queue up for dungeons, at LEAST for levelers.
Having to wait 6-8 minutes between every queue-up as a DPS player is really unfun, and tanks allrdy have enough backseat-tanking going on, I think they would appriciate not to be told constantly to slow down, because people don’t want to sit in a CD after end dungeon. I mean… I was not fond of the “gogogo” mentality, but the “stopstopstop” is just as unfun.

Because I want to play the new wow patch, but there’s nothing to do. Grinding rep is fun. What difference does it make to anyone else if I farm it in a day?

did u ban the exploiters???

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haha, Anti Grind thread.

Well I’m alrdy almost halfway through

So it’s better that people are doing the new content with their twinks first because of the reputation buff on renown level 10 to get the permanent rune on their main next week?

I didn’t spam dungeons yesterday but I was genuinely surprised seeing a CD on my TW after a quick run. Must be probably a bug, this timer should reset if you finish (like I did).

They aren’t afraid , it’s a matter of perspective :slight_smile: , It’s time gated so you can pay sub .


So am i, but about half of that is the storyline quests which give a bushel of rep each, i’m expecting it to slow down considerably after the halfway point…

Also, it’s not just about slowing us down because grinding is supposedly bad, it’s also about not wanting the new zone to go the same way as Zaralek caverns (Just as quickly) because people already capped renown in 2 weeks.

Something is not right. Did seeds after the hotfix and only the first 4 gave boosted rep and from 5th onward only receiving 6 reputations.

Even did it on another alt and that one received boosted rep for the first 4 as well.

typical blizzard fixing what ain’t broken if people want to farm rep they should be able to you guys remember back when we could kill mobs for rep :smiley: respecting people’s playstyle would go a long way to restablishing trust blizzard the no fun police is getting old

and yeah i know its a into the void blizzard don’t read the eu forum…

You dont like it, but you surely understand why Blizzard had to do it?

I mean you can also add in 2/3 months another rep grind: the stoney bears or the fairy pools or something… Jeeez it’s like being with your partner and when you’re right there… he or she would say… nope, you run out of kisses for today. No more until next week :confused:

(I can’t be more specific :smiling_imp: but you get the point)

nope not really this is why a lot of people prefer playing crapstic they can farm rep as much as they want for some strange reason we’ve regressed in personal freedom from crapstic to retail now everything is timegated

many of us that played vanilia most likely remember farming hydraxian waterlords rep or cent circle there wasent any blizzard telling me i couldnt max it out by killing a crap ton of mobs then or wrathion rep in pandaland

I’m glad they nuked this. The idea of griding for 600 rep / hour to get my augment rune was gonna cause burn out. This needed to go

Maybe for you personally it is fine have no timegates, but there are other people here who just cant keep at your pace and start falling back, resulting in leaving the game, fomo is a thing.
There is burnout thingy which also results in leaving the game for some people.
Then there are pure business reasons like profits. Finishing game fast makes people get bored and unsubbing.
Without rng and timegates, game would fall down quickly.