Arena feedback CC

Congratulations on making the best CC simulator in gaming.


All i see in 2v2 is CC CC CC on top of CC

Even i started CC chaining :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Just play a Prevoker.
Nullifying Shroud + 3 schools of magic + Emerald Communion usable while CC’d.

You’ll also enjoy shorter queue times AND it’s currently FOTM.

Yeah, they need to just put everything on the same DR at this point. It’s just dumb. Force people to actually use their interrupts rather than spam everything they have to stop casts and to use their CC tactically.

“lol u want it to be zerg fest” says the melee players because they want to be able to stop people from ever casting anything but instants inbetween all the cc.

How dare you complain about the CC in the game !!!
They will call you PvE bot and tell you how they like to sit in CC and call it playing PvP.
Hahaha poor people calling themselves PvP players who are nothing but target dummies sitting in CC.

Edit : This sacrastic post was flagged for being offensive ?
So do players like to sit in CC or they don’t ?
Or people who are sitting in CC alt + tab to report a post about sitting in CC as offending ? Pick one already xD
And please understand that I don’t want all CC to be removed. Since people are unhappy about micro CC (casters mostly and I understand them) CC should be handled in one of two ways:

Increase cooldown of CC abilities to have more impact and be actually usable to disrupt enemy cooldowns (example - save disarm for bladestorm in Wotlk, not randomly spam it like a mindless rogue) or increase the damn DR and fix CC reduction abilities like orc racial. I am sick of sitting in stun / stun / stun combo and calling myself WoW player while in reality I am PvE target dummy for a rogue class designer enjoyer.