Arena World Championship Circuit Viewer's Guide

Arena World Championship Circuit Viewer's Guide

The AWC returns for the final Circuit of Battle for Azeroth beginning August 22!

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Sooo, prepatch inc september 22 or 29?

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so more rogue fmage detru gameplay. how refreshing thos 99% damp games with the occasional one shots will be


I thought the meta since vanilla was RMT.

You posting something about the arena right in the middle all the PvP gem scaling scandal?

That’s rich.


lets see if everyone runs with or without sockets or applying sockets and corrruptions everytime the enter arena LOL

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I would assume the tournament would tell them what they are allowed to do.

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apparently they hot fixed it what a surprise

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The fact that sockets, hotfixed or not, decreased your performance on all fronts is already humiliating in general. That you had to bypass the bug by resocketing every arena match is an additional humiliation.

The phrase “small indie company” exists for a reason.

I want my corrupted mementos back!

oh it is not fixed that it decreases your performance, it is just fixed that you can bypass the performance reduction by socketing every arena match new haha

What the hell is it? They should fight to the end! Why they leave before time end!?

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