Arena World Championship Lands in Dragonflight!

Arena World Championship Lands in Dragonflight!

The Arena World Championship is making its premiere in Dragonflight and kicking off the new year of WoW Esports!

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With this broken balance? This will be interesting :slight_smile:


who watches it anyway ?
not me …


Let’s see how many Enhance Shamans in the teams.

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It’s awful that you rather spend resources on esportifying the game rather than player housing. :unamused:


blizzard, I will be real with ya I am not interested watching elemental shamans, havoc demon hunters, and any kind of zug zug warriors.

This will be a sight to behold…

Cdew cries because his 40 years old reflexes are too slow to heal such burst damage.

There’ll probably be tuning though after tournament because some classes have useful tier set bonuses and some do not which directly creates a powergap between classes.

I’m not sure even sub 40 year reflexes are viable for this too often…

I wish they would just disable tier sets in pvp. I dont trust their “balance”.

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