Arena World Championship Season 1 Finals are Here!

Arena World Championship Season 1 Finals are Here!

The AWC Season 1 Finals are live on YouTube May 1 - 2, beginning at 10 am PT!

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No, thanks


Seriously how many of these garbage E-sports events are you pumping out?
Starting to wonder if the developers still know this is an MMO.


I wish I could care about your esports, but I really dont, stop trying to make this game an esport, it isnt.


Why do LFR raiders with 190 ilvl always overdose on copium? Go do your pet battles, no one cares.

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Go away Blizzard and start working on the ‘entertainment’ part of your title. Sick of your focus on e-sports and the way you use them to manipulate meta/fotm to fuel tokens and rerolls.

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an e-sport no way

Don’t all fomo type of design too.

@Blizzard: no, thanks, it’s not only e-sport, its’s really terribly boring e-sport to watch.

imagine actually watching or even playing this crap

can you release tbc already please we’re all done with retail thanks

Sorry but we dont care xd
fix your game

I’m a 100% PvP player, all I do in this game is arena, and even I don’t give a sheep.

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You’re level 40 you cant even do LFR so technically I’m ahead of you

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