Argent dawn

Really depends on how charismatic they are, and if there’s a flock of people around them to back it up with wild stories and epic legends. Love seeing powerful characters being portrayed well, with a good track record of that power being showcased in an overpowered, but entertaining fashion.

That doesn’t count all ultra-gigaOP cybernetic warform holier-than-thou or cartoon yabadabadoo villains, of course. (they can be fun too)


I meant it more as-… some random joe who ICly has killed Sire Denathrius, defeated Sylvanas and foiled the Jailer’s schemes going out for a drink in Stormwind.

OH! Oh, yes, that’s only alright if you’re coincidentally listening to Foo Fighters - My Hero while some dude like that walks past.


I quite like using my OP characters as narrative devices. And showcasing some of the ridiculous, but logical, conclusions that can be drawn from the lore.

But lots of folks often have a bone to pick with them, because they can’t just “main-character” their way around to bully every npc set in front of them.

Yeah nothing wrong with the occasional ultra powerful champ imo, WoW is full of them, adventurers/heroes/powerful Warlocks/Liches ect, Ive enjoyed interacting with “Hero” types in the past on my more toned down soldier/ranger type chars, I’ve also enjoyed engaging with Grunts/Soldier types on my own “Hero/Adventurer” type, it adds another dynamic, like “ranks/status” almost, as a basic soldier type you know that the hero would whoop you and has served their faction fantastically in the past in ways you can only imagine, and vice versa as a hero/adventurer type you know youd likely whoop the average soldier but you respect them because its soldiers/units ect that make up the bulk of the factions forces and as a hero you would have served beside many units/soldiers in your adventures/wars aswell as maybe even having spent time as a basic soldier yourself, its actually really fun the few times Ive seen a toned down soldiery/unit of soldiers fighting beside a more mighty hero type, with respect shown both ways

I’m not sure if it’s been said but Argent Dawn differs from other RP servers (mostly those in the NA region).

On Argent Dawn the story of WoW and how it’s been portrayed is essentially ‘law’ and the majority of people fit their characters and guilds around that narrative.
However, in other NA servers you’ll find that many guilds and characters are full of headcanon that loosely fit WoW’s lore (I’m talking people playing kings and queens etc).

My advice is to find a bit of lore in WoW that interests you quite a bit and make a simple character from that. For example, if you like belf lore and you play a rogue you can be a spire agent that’s sent to explore Azeroth or something.


These will help:

In addition, we are always ready to help newcomers to roleplay, giving them pointers and tips on how to get into the roleplay scene.
A good rule to remember is that ‘Simple is good’.

Have a go at it here and we can help you out.

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Playing on pve servers up until 2019 where I joined AD and started to rp - surpised me how kind and helpful people are on this server. Truly the best EU server imho.

Argent dawn

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