General RolePlay Guides

When it comes to role-play, some people can find it daunting. There is a lot to take in, a lot to manage, a lot to consider and a lot to learn. Some may even find it over-whelming when they wish to take their first steps and try it out.

To this, I have compiled several guides to help those who are new to role-play, touching on subjects commonly seen in role-play, as well as those who wish to expand into hosting their own events.
In this guide, we explore the first hurdle that people may encounter: Who are they going to roleplay?
In it, it helps provide some tips and suggestions on some things to consider and avoid.
As you develop your character, you may find yourself wondering how abilities can work in role-plays. With the help of many people from a great community, this guide has been created by people who are more than happy to help you understand classes and their abilities in role-play!

In roleplay, you may find yourself fighting other players in both emote battles and RP-PvP fights. It is good to know how these are usually manged so that when you go to have a fight, you can have a LOT of fun!

Tenasa’s guide to making RP events
Every good story needs a hero, but more importantly, every good story needs a good story teller! This guide here has been made for the purpose of those who are looking to lead their parties on daring adventures for their role-play experience!

Tenasa’s guide to non-combat events
Not everything has to be about combat, and this guide here is written to help with such a task. Non-combat events for social interactions or puzzle solving can often be a great way for new story tellers to relax and have fun!

Tenasa’s Guide to Narcissus

Narcissus is a great addon to use to help make in-game screenshots. These in turn can be used to help promote your role-play events by allowing to ‘show’ a scene instead of simply ‘telling’ through written words.
It opens up a whole world of possibilities where you can show off your character performing acts that simply can’t be done with in-game means alone and can really help expand opportunities.

Tenasa’s guide to Stealth

When it comes to sneaking around, there are often things people forget to consider, given the nature of the in-game stealth mechanics. But to sneak around is also to add some needed tension to scenes where you juggle the risk of being caught and the reward of getting through a place unhindered.

Tenasa’s guide to NPCing

NPCs as we know them are the characters we see ingame that we either talk to, kill or ignore because you can’t do anything with them when you right-click them. But NPCs in roleplay can offer so much more to the story telling. And here is how you can do that!

Tenasa’s guide to being a villain

Being evil has its perks. But being a good bad guy is tough. This guide helps show some basics on the path to being as bad as you can be!

Tenasa’s guide to Environments in Roleplay

When you venture out into the world, you don’t always have to find an enemy to fight. Sometimes, the greatest threats you can face is the very environment you are travelling.

Tenasa’s Guide to Roleplay Toys and Items

For many, roleplay is a time to be descriptive with your wordplay. But there is always just a little bit more you can do to really enhance the experience by doing a classic ‘show, don’t tell’ approach. And there are plenty of toys and trinkets for this.

Tenasa’s Guide to Power Levels

In the world of Warcraft, it is easy to forget that you are not the player character when roleplaying and as such, the strength and power of your character can often make for awkward or difficult scenes. This guide aims to help with that.

Tenasa’s guide to roleplaying a Dracthyrs

The dracthyr are our newest allies to this world, and being 20,000 years out of current events, they are flung into a world that is so vastly different to what they trained for. This guide aims to help give some pointers to people to help them out.

Tenasa’s guide to Dos and Don’ts of Roleplay

We all make mistakes when we learn to roleplay. Sometimes, we aren’t aware of stigmas that certain roleplay practises hold. But with this guide that will grow with new additions, we can hope to address some of them and work to better ourselves!

Tenasa’s Guide to making Event threats

Sometimes it can be difficult to make certain enemies threatening without having them be beefed up or empowered with super magic abilities to be able to stand up to your party. This guide here attempts to provide some insight into how to make some of the more common enemies threatening for any.

Tenasa’s guide to Professions in Roleplay

Professions are great for helping you make money or getting items you need to progress in dungeons and raids. These professions don’t have to be a job though for a character and there are multiple ways that you can use these skills in events and roleplay.

These guides are made by a community, for a community. May these help newcomers and seasoned veterans of role-play alike as we seek to help draw people to the fun and joy that is role-playing!

Hope to see you around!


Fantastic guides to both newcomers and veterans!
Always fun to get ones outlook on things ‘riches with knowledge’ :smiley:


This is good, on a Plus note it give you an chence of improving your RP or just…make you like RP more, knowing about your class as well as concept is perfect.


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Looks to be a lovely little guide people can look to for references and ideas.


I think that everyone should read this. A red thread through these guides is that you should keep other players and their experiance in mind, something that is always important to remember when playing with others.
Great job!


These guides are one of the reasons why I still read these forums. Tenasa is a true master of Narcissus and short rp guides!


I hope these get pinned, if they haven´t been already. Very good guides.


I’m in love with the fact that you’ve illustrated every one of the guides with the screenshots! It livens up the text and makes it all easier to read.

Particularly liked the guides for RP events and non-combat events, seeing as I’ve very very recently DM’d for the first time. From the Class abilities in Roleplay the mage and the shaman one caught my interest the most.

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This is lovely I wish when I was a new rper and a new dm i’d had these xD


Awesome work on this as always Commander

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A set of guides about as easy to follow as any other you’ll find. Simple, effective advice for any player.


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Very good this is pinned, for those new Argent Dawners who are looking to indulge themselves in the fine RP-scene of AD, this will be a very good point to start from!

Alongside the Death Knight Guide, for those who want to RP a Death Knight, ofcourse!