<Arkham> Is now Recruiting!

Arkham Is a brand new guild created 2019-11-18

The goal of Arkham is to raid at a semi-hardcore rate, however we do not discriminate your playstyle and may consider more uncommon specializations in our Raids.
We are establishing a core 40 man raid team that is expected to show up at at every raid, and if not showing up, contacting us and letting us know some time before raid time so preparations can be made to fill your spot for the reset.
Arkham is currently scheduled to raid 20:00 - 00:00 CEST once we have enough members in the team.
If you’re a more casual player you may join the guild as a social at any time, however we do wish to let you know that a player that joins under level 50 that goes Offline for 1 Month will be removed, unless a reason is specified beforehand.
Arkham is set to have a DKP system, perhaps the most fair way of distributing loot out there.
Arkham also welcomes active players interested in PvP, with future events to be planned.

Join Arkham today and enjoy the game with us!

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