Armories Bad Link

Just the usual post-Armories website update post, where someone has copy/pasted the links from the US pages and used them on the EU pages again.

One of these days, someone will remember, when updating the Armories pages, that those of us in the EU actually have EU forums :wink:

TL;DR … The link to the forums from the EU Armories takes you to the US forums. Please correct :wink:

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None of my armoury links don’t go anywhere, they are just pop up windows.

It’s the link from the top bar on an armoury page. Hover over community, click on forums and you’re in the US. The other links on that drop-down are EU as they should be.
Hopefully someone will see and get it fixed. There used to be a place to report website errors but it seems to have vanished.


I guess it moved to the US forums as well (the reporting area)

Since at least a year ago … as I found a post I made on a character I had to make on US servers in order to post issues about EU problems … incidentally … the same issue as we’re having now … which still has not been fixed (Edit to say … obviously it was fixed previously … but whatever causes the issue in the first place wasn’t fixed :wink: ).

Thanks all, this has now been reported. :pray:


a week later and they still haven’t fixed it. Do they need extra staff to correct urls on websites for them? Because I can do that :stuck_out_tongue: Or, of course, to actually check on their process … as this seems to be a regular occurance and surely it would be easier, and take less time, if they simply did it right the first time, rather than misdirecting a bunch of people for over a week …

Do take a look at our job openings Poisonenvy, if you’re looking for an opportunity, we’re always happy to welcome new talents. :slight_smile:

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None where I live, unfortunately … and it seems like all jobs are location based :wink:

Although I wasn’t being particularly serious, more a wondering out loud why the same issues seem to crop up time and time again, for things that, to me anyway, seem like an easy solve, and something that should be a matter of course when maintaining an online presence. But I suspect you knew that :wink:

We do keep an eye out for vacancies though … having two Games Design kids in the house - I’ll remind them to keep checking, so thank you for that reminder.

“Hello Blizzard Security? We have an infiltration in Sector 2.”

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hehe :stuck_out_tongue: I should amend that to read … “non-working” … at least in that sector :stuck_out_tongue:

One is currently working in a supermarket (very sad) and the other is just on his last couple of months of his Uni degree … and currently making more money than me, posting game stuff on Youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like supermarket jobs either :frowning: but if it pays for the school loan and other necessities as a crutch to a better job in the future I’d say it’s a good meantime investment (not at cost of reduced school performance tho!)

So many kids wanting to become “The Famous YouTuber™” these days, its nice to dream…

Well strictly speaking, there is no “school loan” … in the UK there is a student loan, but it’s time limited and only paid in fractions if they earn over a certain amount per year. Supermarket work is, however, paying for his visit to the US later in the year for gasp a Final Fantasy convention :stuck_out_tongue:

Other one doesn’t want to be a famous Youtuber … that’s just a hobby and almost incidental to his day to day stuff anyway. He’s already working on a new PC game while completing an Indie Games Design course.

Thats on my to-do list too, going to the bigger(est) gaming or cosplay conventions.

If the PC game (demo) is good maybe he’ll be the next great Indie developer… Is hard work :frowning:

Any movement on this? Because this is still an issue, 18 days after you reported it.

I’m not sure how long the wait time for these type of fixes are, but it’s surely a very easy fix to something that may well be causing a lot of confusion to a lot of people who don’t realise they’re being redirected to a different forum that they can no longer post on :wink:

I find it hard to believe I’m the only person that uses that link to get to the EU forums …

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Yeyy it’s finally been fixed. Good job! I can put my extra links back in their box until next time there’s an update :wink: