Arms tier set in PvP is some kind of unfunny joke

Deepwounds increase crit chance&crit damage to the affected target by 5%.
Nerfd to 2% in PvP.
Now thats what blizzard calls GAINZ.

And don’t take it wrong, but if the pieces had same secondary stats as PvP gear, that would be nice, little gain of dps, but with 2 pieces without any vers on them its not even worth to go for 4part bonus with is 5% dmg on mortal stackable to 15% + some 8k hit for that mortal (that 8khit damage does not stack up). And thats a CHANCE for deepwounds CRITICAL hit.

Like wtf? 2% crit chance and crit dmg bonus and 4part thats gonna be decent only vs classes like demo lock/uh dk that summon billion of pets so u can spread deepwounds to get procs. And obv warlock with his curse can perma disable your 4part, so I don’t think talking about that is even worth with amount of warlocks we have right now.

Time to switch to the only valuable DPS spec which is fury my man

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