Arms vs. Fury

I have mained Arms whole DF exp, just because i have always loved gameplay and theme of arms over fury, but now i am pushing keys around 26-27 and no matter how much i dislike fury it is becoming blatantly obvious that Arms is falling behind;

Fury does more dps, the damage profile is more powerful with better burst windows over arms bleed profile and on top of that fury has even better survivability, my arms has 830k hp where as fury hold 950k with basically constant -10%dmg reduction through warpaint, where is the logic in this design? In my mind if you look at arms and fury as spec themes i would expect that arms would hold more burst potential and fury more consistent damage, and the one that does more overall damage would obviously have a downside in a form of survivability, it makes no sense that one spec holds edge on every aspect.

That being said warrior in general, even fury is falling behind badly compared to other specs in the game and it feels stupid that we are tuned with the assumption that we are holding the legendary, which means that half the season we hit like a wet noodle and once we get legendary we have to spend half a million to get somewhere even close to other classes like demon hunters, rogues, hunters etc


with the start of season 3 i felt good dps wise was not rly behind others and was most of the fight top 3 dps but now later in patch i feel we are falling behind every week its getting even worse. i dont get it how hard it can be to just nerf other classes or buf the rest. im also play allot ww monk now cus yeh this char is 485 and cant get any upgrades from m+ and when i play ww what a good thing is that the dmg is good i have so much tools to help the group with cc and other self defence. im hoping for arms a complete work over in talents and other stuff give us something good.

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Its a combination of the devs obsession with TG for fury and freaking bleeds for arms. Its the wrong fantasy to have for the class. This confusion and weird class-fantasy is why the talent trees are so messed up when the devs simply dont know what to do but won’t let go.

Arms should be slow but big hits. Fury should be lower hits but much faster.

Hell even prot needs a rework.


Yeah i agree fantasy is not something you would expect it to be, id expect fury to do more overall dps with more of a sustain profile and arms doing a bit less with way more burstier profile, but as it is fury does more damage and is more burstier, in somewhat the bleed design is ok for arms but the tuning is bad, bleed doing sustain dmg is ok but the overall profile favors it too much which leads arms to be not bursty class, if they would give us the same treatment they gave to assa rogues it would make a big difference; Sudden demice: targets under 35% hp bleed out instantly and take fatal damage when existing bleed damage exceeds 150% of the targets remaining health pool, something like that.

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