Arms Warrior Feedback for 10.1 - Tier set bonus (4p)

Hello Devs and everyone. Here are some feedback from today’s post on Tier sets first.


4 Set bonus: After testing and initial theory crafting, I must say this tier set is **bland and doesn't add anything interesting to the spec, and also is underperforming**
  1. Why is it bland? Given the fact that the only thing to track is the # of stacks, it adds no interesting gameplay to our spec

  2. Why isn’t it interesting? Because: it feels like we are being forced down a route of taking Slam talens (4 in total) just because it is something we haven’t used for so long already.

  3. Why is it underperforming? Because: an auto attack crit hits harder than Slam as a baseline. After spending Four talent points (which inherently makes us weaker in other areas, whether its CC, stats, other more impactful talents), it still hits for less than our Mortal Strike (including the 4 piece bonus)

  • Why is this bad? The problem with the tier is that Slam is just not very fun to press. Even if you make it fun to press, it is adding another button to an already bloated filler rotation. I think Arms doesn’t need Slam at all.

  • What would be a good improvement? I think personally changing tier to work with our skills that we already use would be MUCH better. there are many possibilities (Warbreaker, Mortal strike/Cleave, DoTs, Overpower). That would be a good start in my opinion.

What should the focus be? I think something that makes me excited to press a button. Like Warbreaker/Colossus smash burst my bleeds on the target. This adds something cool but also engaging to the rotation. You put bleeds up before you use WB/CS. Then that means you need to start your rotation again with the bleeds.

It’s not a perfect example, but it’s a lot more engaging than making me press a button I already hate using and forcing me to take 4 talent points for it just so it’s worth it.

If you want slam to be used, I think it needs a revisit because right now the button is very bad to press. And if you make it worth pressing with all the talents, you need to nerf the 4 piece. Which again feels bad as well. I think best course of action is to redesign the 4 piece into something more intriguing that makes me want to chase it


Apologies I’m not sure why my class is set to a level 50 DK, Kunokin is my warrior if anyone wants to check that I actually play the class

I dont understand why they are trying to force players to play slam. No one likes it.
They even buffed p2 so people would feel oblidged to play with it, because they know their playerbase will play which ever does highest dps. Me included.
So time to play something other than arms.

I hate they say it but it feels that day by day they are getting more out of touch in understanding what players enjoy, and instead they just keep making decision based on what they want to do, not what they should do.

feedback is needed in the PTR forums … not here… (and even there is quiet rare that they read it)

I think exactly the same, let’s add that we are currently talking about a rota where ingore pain, WW and thunder clap have to be spammed. plus, I’ll keep an eye on the slam stack and all this energy invested in the bottom middle of the dps list is pretty terrible at the moment.

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