Arms warrior need a rework

My suggestions for arms warrior next expansion , just got some new ideas but open for better ideas too .

Colossus smash reworked in colossal hits : your next 5 mortal strikes hit 40% more damage and bleed effects do 20% more , this solves bosses that parry colossal smash and ruin our open for 15 sec

Rend reworked : apply rend to all nearby enemies aoe

Life shout 30 % hp to all party raid baseline , caped so not stack possible with other warriors shouts , only aument the duration if used same time.

BLOODWAR BANNER : First skill in wow history to give LIFE LEECH % to ALL Players for 15 secs , so all raid will heal themself in bad moments , plus using life shout , all people will survive Bad moments , arms warrior utility restored .

So you can actually use banner to help your heal and shout to save people in pve encounters , this gives arms warrior more self sustain in pvp too

Colossus Smash have that design to make oponents in PVP to deal against easily. For sure your suggest is the “go to”, but Blozzard don’t want strong warriors.

It only needs rework if you’re doing it wrong. I play arms and it’s a beast of a spec. I’m loving it.

This is really a great idea!

To the people saying its a skill issue its not! :
Even playing premade on voice, half the time people still interupt at 0.1s by “accident”.
And as Gromred mentions, spell reflect actually does quite a lot of damage, but it is wasted the majority of its casts.

I’d say make the cast non-interuptable for other players, if 1) mob is casting on warrior, 2) warrior has spell reflect up and 3) spell is reflectable.

Again great idea @Gromred-ragnaros

Yes the enemy cast bar should turn gray After we activate spell reflect , making the spell
casted unable to get cut ,

For example : Mob cast chain of storm on warrior ----> warrior use spell reflect before other people cut it ------> all people will see the cast bar change to gray color and name plate of cast changed to : Chain of storm ( reflected ) .

This feature is disabled for pvp

For gods sake!!!

The main change Blozz have to do about warriors is making a toolkit which not requires haste!!!

We have to blow mobs with uberpewpew hits, not with bunch of noodle hits.

I play only a few classes: main warrior, druid, shaman, and thats all.

When I play other than warrior and there’s a protecwarr, I know what he have to:

First reflect, and second interrupt.

That’s what everybody should know, at least first cast have to be reflected.

There are a few issues with that sadly: What if multiple mobs cast at you? Then all casts are immune to interrupt?.. Same in PvP. What if someone casts i.e. chaos bolt on you, and the other person casts something else on you as well. Maybe they should rethink spell reflect though as an ability, since it’s also very addon reliant

honestly warriors in season 2 compared to season 1 are so trash survivability is terrible and damage now is crap its just long game bleed damage and pray you have a good healer if you play arms at least in season 1 you spec’d crit and spear and actually did damage. If you face a ret, DH or WW in a 1v1 now your dead talent points need a redesign pain and gain needs to be buffed and as for endurance training why is it only a 5% health increase and 10% fear, sap and incapacitate effects when ret have sanctified plates Armor increased by 20% and health increased by 10% and damage taken from area effects reduced by 10%. Even death knights get veteran of the third war 20% health from talents so warriors 5% seems like a slap in the face.


Another big problem for arms warriors …

We have too many bottoms , pvp skills that need their personal shortcut to fit well their use , 2 stuns a fear a disarm a banner , 2 skills for slow enemies 2 skills to heal a lot of skills for rotation a charge a jump a intervene 2 shoutz 2 weapon throws a cut and there is more it is fun if u master all this but not good if u plan to add more skills in the table…

Skills that need to get mixed togheder so we free space

Hamstring + rend effects in the same skill on use , Bleeding hamstring if u cut the legs u should bleed too …

charge + intervene I have the macro in the same skill but why macro it , if you can put it in the same skill based on your target chosed , maybe reduce the charge cd if u charge an ally.

colossus smash + thunder clap colossus smash should always be an aoe effect not a single target option that can be parryable. And the thunder clap fits well if we smack the ground heavyly but this will have issues in the high cd of the smash

Maybe thunder clap should be our close range stun

Skullsplitter+ should remplace slam

sweeping strikes reworked in a passive random % chance to proc if u spam cleave or Whirlwind and why not maybe afther we finish a bladestorm.

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