Arms warrior need a rework

Will be direct to the problem : As and Arms warrior main since Burning Crusade I seek more love to arms warriors

Big problems that need address ;

Thunder clap apply rend to all targets does this even make sense a smash make u bleed ??? it helps a lot but is bad design

Change rend skill directly to apply a cut aoe like a whirlwind attack spin damaging all nearby targets and make apply all bleeds.

Thunder clap rework 30 sec cd : u heavy hit the ground making all enemies jump up for 1 second interrupting all cast aoe wise. we need more utility in pulls

New skill Banner of war = Put a banner on the floor bloodlust to all raid. Is always an issue group leaders always kick the warrior for a bl in m plus.

Make arms warrior better access to clue aoe and essential single target damage talents… Is getting very hard to compete vs other specs , they all seem always good in all aoe and single too.

Spear of bastion dont like the skin , orc warriors throwing angelic spears , bad desing , should be a heavy chain , that captures the player inside until break

Dps depends on landing skills that can be parried like a raid boss afther u charge in and open with colossal strike and it gets parried … bye bye you do the dps of a tank if this happens on bloodlust open u get kicked for low dps in a pug , I prefer other mechanics to do dps as arms warrior or more easy solution overpower it no parry colossus smash should always land why give arms warrior this issue ?

Spell reflect = spell reflect should lock the cast that targets you making add immune to cuts so other players cant kick it if u use it when the mobs is aimming you , im so tired to literally do 0 reflect damage cuz people cut all… This is not a game u play always premades and use mic with party so change is a must.

Idk maybe on next expansion but please do something to this class… Like why nobody is asking for this ?


This is one of those things where gameplay trumps logic, you will find a lot of these things in WoW so the logic doesn’t really have to make sense.

The best iterations of Arms are often considered to be Cataclysm 4.3 and MOP 5.4 patch, in Cataclysm you would apply rend and then use Thunder Clap to spread it, in MOP they retained this idea but had Thunder Clap apply deep wounds instead. Both these iterations of Arms were very popular, very fun. I think the TC spread mechanic is great personally.

This would be how it works in Diablo 3 and Diablo 4, it’s a good solution that would make the spec more simplistic to play but not one I’d go for, there is something to be said about actively spreading it with TC and having the hard cast application with a single target component on cast, as it does.

Really goes against everything that Thunder Clap has been forever, and with an AOE interrupt would make it extremely powerful, hard to tune an ability around having both high damage per cast and multiple utility effects (since it already applies slow debuff).

We don’t need Warrior to have bloodlust. Is this just a wishlist designed to get you more pug invites or were you wanting to have people take it seriously? This is a big no.

I agree with you, but honestly Spear of Bastion should have never stayed in the game, it’s a nonsensical ability from a Warrior toolkit point of view. Angelic magic powers and ground placement in one.

I personally think ground placements don’t make sense for Warrior, if we wanna talk about the logic of Thunder Clap (which you’re right about but it’s something I can overlook), Ravager really takes it to the next level and then Spear of Bastion is a mockery.

I mean this is a gameplay issue, parry from front is put in the game to encourage you to attack from behind. If you CS from the front you’re accepting a risk of being parried, where in most scenarios the risk pays off, but sometimes it doesn’t.

It only really sucks when you have an encounter where standing in-front of the boss is necessary, but at least raid bosses like this are often unable to parry, Krosus in Nighthold for example.

Skill issue, I think what you’re asking for is worse for gameplay. With spell reflect you’re meant to time it late in the cast, someone interrupting a spell you were going to reflect is a team skill/communication issue, and should remain that way.

Summary - You want the spec to be stronger in multiple ways with more utility while also making it easier to play and have a much wider margin for error. You and every player of every class wants this, Blizzard has to try to balance the game, not give every class the perfect solutions.


Also, a few other big issues with arms warrior:

  • Need to choose between ST and AoE talents, because there is no good middleground. I tried building it, and I play fury now.
  • It does have a lot of keybinds

Also: warriors in general have no way to deal with some of the modifiers in dungeons like the 2 spirits, which need to be cc’ed. I tried to get into M+ groups, and zero invites, even for difficulties where I have completed already the 5 levels higher version.

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This is just lazy desing to make old unused skills worth using , a fast way exit… Lazy gameplay design , it is there just keep it and move this one to fix this skill …

Thunder clap is a stomp to the ground with thunder hitting the floor , it could stun , paralize , make target fall down , but maybe is only a reference to Blood and thunder thats why it bleeds .

Yes is ok lose a mortal strike hit but colossus Smash is the key skill of an arms warrior you lose 30% damage for 13 sec
What other class can lose all this dps in a open is like removing wings from a paladin skillbar

Colossus smash should have removed the single target version … And make aoe version with longer duration , this will help doing better builds too and u dont feel so bad when a single target boss spawns 5 mobs and u can only smash one… this solves the parry in single target too… Cuz is like a thunder clap aoe effect , Remove single target parryable smash from game please.

I never use mic in pugs but spell reflect is one of the only things a warrior dps has in a m plus and most times i cant handle the timmers and random cuts of people getting only stress moments using spell reflect and nothing happens.

Spell reflect : on use Incoming casted spells targeting warrior become immune to cuts and silences , reflect incoming spell cast back to caster reduce incoming magic damage ect… no change for pvp

Another tip : remove slam please

I dont understand the push back some people have to improve the desirability of warriors for group content…

Especially in the case for bloodlust. As this change would only impact group desirability and PvP (in I guess a marginal manner).

There was never a time in recent years that you would have needed a warrior for group content for its utility. You see constantly in the group finder “need BL” or “need BR”, we have seen need priest or a specific dispel, sometimes you have needed a sap or a shroud (which is btw given to mage for some reason). Even monk, were sought after for some RoP skips. But warriors never.

When did anyone see “we need a Rallying cry for this key or we cant do it ?” Never.

And this season it’s even worse due to the two new affixes where we can’t help (or help in an efficient manner = CD need to be lower than the period of the affix).


In every single raid tier Warrior gets taken for Rallying Cry, which is one of the most powerful utility abilities to survive incoming damage. If you follow the world first race at all, or watch Max or any other raid-leader you will hear them talk about this on a regular basis.

There were 2 Warriors in the world first last week for precisely this reason. There is nothing wrong with wanting Warriors to have more group desirability, but where does that turn into “we need Warriors to have Bloodlust”… No, Warriors shouldn’t have Bloodlust, it makes no sense at all.

People be making these Warrior idea threads with no consideration for anything other than their personal desires in game, completely isolated from the rest of the game design, Blizzard aren’t going to give you all the perfect solutions.

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My bad I wasn’t clear enough (though that was obvious from the example I gave). When I said group I meant group as in 5 man group.

I’m not saying you don’t have a point, you do. But I don’t think making Thunder Clap a godly AOE damage interrupt, or Bloodlust for Warriors is the answer. I think most of OP’s ideas aren’t great for the reasons I explained.

Blizzard did a poor job of designing the talent trees for an “all-round” Warrior, you have to specialise too much. Berserker Rage for example should be a baseline Warrior ability, the cooldown could also be shorter like it used to be, pummel CD is also longer than it used to be which gives some advantage to Paladin tanks, Bladestorm should be baseline for Arms.

If you want to make spell reflect better, it’s actually more down to content design, Spell Reflect was amazing in Shadowlands and TBC in particular, but at other times it has been lacking, all of that has really been more about the use cases than the ability itself.

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I don’t agree with your Bloodlust take tbh. If any class would be expected have this skill in a fantasy game it would be Warriors.

Back in the day it made no sense for them to give it to Mages and Hunters. If anything, giving it to these classes turned out to be a mistake.

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We tried the ‘consolidating all skills and effects and talents down into 2-4 abilities’ route in WoD and it was one of the most boring iterations of the game we’ve ever had.

5.4 thunderclap arms is one of the most beloved iterations of the spec.

You also have to consider that m+ is not the only way people play the game.

these two changes would make warriors absurdly overpowered in all forms of PvP and they also do nothing for raids - you’ve taken two abilities that are already good or decent and made them broken just so you can feel like you’re doing a bit better in m+ on fortified week

Make your own keys. There’s nothing wrong with DPS warriors in raids or pvp and they seem to be doing just fine in m+ as well, given they’re present in the rank 2 and rank 4 key this season:

Not every class needs to have absurd aoe control.

Back in the day the only form of PvE content was raiding so your classes’ entirely reason for being brought to a raid was your raid cooldowns. It was incredibly annoying sitting around waiting for a shaman to show up so you could raid, so they gave it to hunters (who had zero raid cooldowns at the time and only brought trueshot aura, which does nothing for healers and wizards) and mages (who had zero raid cooldowns but brought arcane intellect, which does nothing for agility or strength specs)

This was the height of ‘bring the player, not the class’ because they had went crazy with ‘bring the class, not the player’ during TBC and wotlk, with some specs literally only being brought to apply a debuff like curse of elements or apply a buff like replenishment.

Mages and Hunters were by far the best specs to give this cooldown to, because at the time every single raid group already had 1-4 warriors. Usually 1 or 2 tanks and then 1 or 2 DPS.

If you look at world first kills of Kil’jaeden and Lich King as examples, they have 1 or 0 mages. That class, plus Hunter, only existed when they were tuned to do crazy damage, which isn’t very fun for someone who spent a month leveling it and months gearing it, only to find out they cant join any groups because their spec doesn’t do anything but damage.

Signed. Upvoted.

Generally the Shadowlands covenenant abilities all need a reskin, they have no place in Dragonflight.


I agree. Arms warrior seems very dull compared to fury. Arms warriors should be like guts from berserk conceptually or like some very skilled swords-master you would see in an anime like one piece (think of roronoa zoro). Now it just feels like some abomination with 50 keybinds, which have not much to do with the class fantasy and most abilities seem to be copied straight up from the prot spec. Not sure what archetype it should represent.

I don’t really think arms needs a rework to be honest.

I like it more than usual, because of it’s tighter rotation with less downtime.

The only big problem i can see with arms is that the discrepancy between the aoe and st build are quite big. In short they could try to make a more versatile build.

They could accomplish this by allowing players to cast abilities during bladestorm, this way, you wouldn’t do quite as much damage as the full st build in st, but you would get pretty close.

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Yes i agree arms need rework.
First arms need new mastery increase physical damage or anything honestly just change this deep wound increase target damage its annoying its horrible to play feels bad to switch target feels bad to apply it. Changing it it would solve the core problem IMO.
Overpower need to behave like cursader striker for ret an filler ability that dose cleave by itself 2 or 3 targets and with talent it have the extra wave thing. If you play ret atm it feels so smooth and fun to press.
Sweeping strike or cleave talents one of them should straight up make your mortal strike, auto attacks and execute to cleave 3 targets just like Legion sweeping strike lvl 15 talent.
Bring back shadowlands arms warrior mortal compo conduit, you don’t know how much fun this conduit visually and gameplay wise.
More damage to mortal strike less execute please, current we have to talent 8 points just to make execute phase work this is alot of investment feels horrible in m+ we don’t do any boss damage because we lack most of execute talents.
Also change all of these execute talents with old talents such as opportunity strike from legion.
Bladestowrm feels kinda weak compared to 1.5 min cd from other classes like evoker flying stun breath its instant frontloaded damge and destroy mobs actually one shotting mobs in timewalking meanwhile my major and THE ARMS CD spinning do some damge you dont care about you need other talents to make cleave and ww do extra damage feels like chad vs virgin here.
Add 3 yard range melee and ability in general talents.
And finally give warrior bloodlust let it cost rage idc just give us something that groups in m+ would invited us for
Let us be the first tank that have bl and secend or third melee if you count survival hunter to have bloodlust , even let be like faction only blood lust for the alliance and the horde the warrior shout his faction name boosting his faction teammates haste. More restrictions for warrior if needed by blizzard devs, just give us a reason to get invited.
I feel like shadowlands arms warrior was peak for many reasons one of them the focus on mortal strike and mortal compo.
Overall arms needs alot of changes i would be happy if they changed the mastery and the cleave thingy bring back legion Sweeping strikes. Gameplay would be fun interesting not button blouted like nowadays. Running aoe talents should not feel bad and exhausting should be fun and rewarding and simple just like fury or protection.

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Spear of bastion needs to go in general. Warrior and spell placement don’t go together when everything is instant and suddenly you have to aim. Especially if the tanks always move around.
In addition to that, Spear of bastion just doesn’t feel warrior-y , way too right and magical.

I would like arms to have banners or shouts to buff/debuff and help the party in a way.

Edit: also for me arms should be about the crits and haste not bleed effects. Hitting fast and hard


Yeah we are not rogues. They should change the archetype of arms to be a juggernaut that does insane burst. Fury should have mobility with consistent damage, and arms should have lower mobility, but be a force of nature once he connects. We should just have some ranged tools like a crossbow (think of guts from berserk) to compensate for lack of mobility. Arms to me just feels like they merged fury and prot. It’s boring…

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For me arms was always big weapons that hit hard. Along with that he brings an arsenal of shouts and banners to buff allies and debuff enemies.

Some ranged would be nice in the form of a crossbow as well.

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Since playing d4 i want warriors to get 4 weapon slots and can wield all weapons, and assign weapon usuage to different skills for different bonus effects.

I thought that concept felt so weapon master based itd be awesome to see how fleshed out it could be in a actual mmorpg

But no idea how much work itd require animationally / graphically to even get on board let alone balance

That’s the main problem: arms warrior can only be played in one direction, no alternatives.

Also I say: arms warrior fantasy is incomprehensible with a playstyle based on haste.

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