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Hi guys, please could you let me know what spell I can use that will only damage 1 mob at a time. Even just right clicking my character will randomly hit 2 or even 3 other extra mobs on a single click, and I can’t find a single spell (even at level 70 with everything unlocked) that will only damage a single target.

I am so sorry I didn’t answer before. I’m not sure how I missed your post.

I haven’t done Arms in years, but

suggests Mortal Strike, Rend, Overpower, Execute (when target is below 35%)

But you say your character will randomly hit 2 or even 3 other extra mobs on a single click. You mean when you right-click on a mob? That shouldn’t happen.

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Ooo mortal strike, I’ll give it a go!

Yeah when I right click a target I’ll see it hit my target, then my weapon will appear to fly out of my hand the same way it does when I do Heroic throw and hit 1 or even 2 extra targets… it’s messed up so many achievements you wouldn’t believe!

Yes, try Mortal Strike. Post again if you are still having problems, and we can dig deeper,

BTW, if you’re doing achievements, you want to get Soft Foam Sword: it’s a must.

It usually doesn’t work in dungeons or raids, but there are many places and quests where you need to damage an enemy without killing it. That’s what Soft Foam Sword is for.

Yeah don’t worry I picked that bad boy up a while ago. What can you recommend to use inside dungeons as the sword doesn’t work and the engineer dynamite is too weak? (talking Lich or BC content)

Only other thing I know is rent a low-level player :stuck_out_tongue:

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So I’m afraid Mortal Strike is no use as it needs too much rage. I’ve just failed the Rubble and Roll achievement yet again because despite right clicking on Kolgarn’s left arm once and then walking very slowly towards him for a single hit and then backing off, the game decided to shoot off a second hit (looked exactly like Heroic Throw) which 1 shot the boss.

What change do I need to make to my specialisations and talents to make sure that a single right click with my main weapon cannot possibly hit a second target under any circumstances as this is getting incredibly frustrating? Someone must know what setting is wrong


I’m not certain I can rely on my reading of the armoury since Dragonflight, but have you taken the Sidearm talent?

Now, you should certainly be suppressing auto-attacks anyway in this kind of situation, but it sounds like this might be the problem.

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Good God… I think you’ve done it. You crazy SOB you’ve done it!!! Not all heroes wear capes

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