Arowkill + Gamelord straight botting for 3 months

Hello Dreadmist,

Anyone wanna talk about Arowkill & Gamelord botting at Arathi fire elemental spot?
I know that many ppl are reporting them constantly + writing tickets (from both side), but everything I see is after every banwaves is those 2 serverbreakers are still botting.

You could ask me why I didnt write any topic before ?
tbh im really surprised that a bot could survive that long botting in front of whole server, in a contested area.
It is not like fishingbot at Azshara where not a single player can look at them & report them.

So Dreadmist I ask you to pump up my post.
We only need a GM to inspect them play 10 minutes to flag them.

Server is very healthy atm Blizzard, dont kill it please.

special thanks to anyone camping them (closed, maekko, many more).


Update : Gamelord got banned


Those Arowkill & Gamelord are botting for far too long… What a disgrace! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Dunno what these guys are talking about; has never been an issue for me…

wrong thread sorry

wrong post sorry

I reported Arrowkill probably 50 times and killed him one night over 82 times. I even told him on discord to give me info what bot is he using since blizz doesn’t care it’s probably legal.


I remember farming him during the wpvp hype, he was around 53-54.

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Unbelievable to be forced to make a post about a bot… Blizz please… 3 months and nothing done. I hope this guy some in need and earn a living with that, selling gold for money

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For the love of Brack, get on this Blizzard. It’s hard enough to get our filthy hands on Elemental Fires as it is, but having to deal with bots forever is just not acceptable.

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Reported myself many many times and they still continue!

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I would love if any alliance would MC Gamelord, so i could kill him

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Now arowkill is farming earth ele spot not too far away from circle of west binding

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Why not keep killing his pet instead? Eventually it will run away and then his bot is useless

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Gamelord got banned for 180 days.
Thanks everyone.
Arowkill’s turn :slight_smile:


Dear FFyky,

Thank you for making this post. I have wrote 2x a GM ticket and both times I was told they cant help me. Now after doing some research it seems Gamelord got banned for 180 days. Unfortunately the reason gamelord was botting is because he wanted to buy a new laptop. Which he did.

Hopefully in the near future Blizzard will not let this slide and FIX these problems with players.

Again thx for the post.

Greetings from the Netherlands.


Sorry posted this with my alt char :slight_smile:

At least with Gamelord it seemed like there was a human player controlling the character some of the time. Arowkill is the most obvious bot I’ve ever seen. Killed him 200 times so far, he just keeps coming back and doing the exact same thing.

It also seems that Gamelord used to work with another gold seller called Atat, who like Arow still hasn’t been banned. Quite sad these guys can get away with this for such a long period of time.

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Anyone been to the hinterlands lately? The entire zone is swarming with alliance bots. I was there this morning around 10am and there were more bots than players. I went on again at 8pm and the same bots are in the same place doing exactly the same thing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: no point even reporting half the time it seems.

because of it, I paid for the account and started pumping the rogue for the Alliance

please take a look at these bots, Blizzard. it’s blatantly obvious that Arrowkill is botting in Arathi.

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