[A][RP] 🚩 <Scarlet Crusade Emissary> Hardcore Roleplaying Guild

Scarlet Crusade Emissary is a Hardcore Roleplaying guild.

The goal of this guild is to explore a different starting scenario for new characters. Those who join must be ready to give up on everything and start leveling their newly made Human characters in the northern parts of the Eastern Kingdoms, as true descendants of Lordaeron. Ironman runs are highly promoted; Heavy RP and lore correctness are key. We offer summons to Deathknell.

(No Exceptions)
Race: Human
Class: Priest
Dedication: All initiates must have a reasonable cause to join.
Cost: All initiates must pay at least 10 Gold to join. This is to be used for the summoning service.
Addons: TRP3 or MRP.

For more information or an invite in-game you can contact:

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