Arthas' grave

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He really was, though.

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Since they said his body was burned into mere ashes, then it’s blizzard who broke their lore with yet another retcon. You can’t just change the status of someone’s dead body from ashes to rotted corpse.


Last five weeks in my mind is crazy teory…Sylvana’s will going somehow to find Artas body and ress him…


He was brain washeeeed :weary::joy:

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King Arthas will return, Brother Knight! We have need of his skills (and it’s totally down Blizz’s alley of reusing ideas).


Uruk officially left the story forum though.


Maybe it decayed instantly. Within WoW lore it is believed that if a person, who experiments with necromancy, can suffer such a fate. An example would be KeL’Thuzad. When Arthas and Jaina killed him, his whole body decomposed almost immediately.
The Story of Kel’Thuzad - Part 1 of 2 [Lore]

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