Artifact Power Adjustments from Islands Bug

Last week, there was a bug active for approximately half an hour that resulted in a small number of players receiving an extreme amount of Artifact Power from completing Island Expeditions. While this error was on our end, the amount of Artifact Power given was far too high to leave as-is, as doing so would give an unfair advantage to the handful of players that happened to queue for Islands while this bug was active.

To that end, we have been working to identify and isolate these incorrect Artifact Power gains and remove the additional amounts that should not have been given. Players who were affected by this bug will instead be granted the amount of Artifact Power that would have been correct for the Island Expeditions they completed. This action has now been taken, and affected players will notice their total amount of Artifact Power has been reduced.

We apologize for the confusion and frustration this has caused, and remain committed to providing an equal and fair environment for our players.


can you fix the rest of your game now pls


It’s nice they fixed both this and the darkshore world boss drop. I just hope we also hear something about the hivemind soon, or rather the people who got it without doing the puzzles.

Well done on keeping the game fair.

Are you kidding or ? Literally 100% of the people I know benefited from this bug still have their 50k+ AP.

What’s wrong with Blizzard rn ?! You can’t even properly erase your mistakes…


Everyone i know still has it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Horrible. I wanted to get 50k points too! It’s the only reason why I even bothered with those alliance tier scenarios this week!

Really, I want the hour of my life I wasted on this crap back. Just remove them from the game arleady.

And now they undelete their characters.

8.2 they are implementing the next fix, they are getting rid of their Azerite armor (as you know it today).

everyone still has it. so nothing changed

I’m kinda “worried” here cause I do Island Expeditions frequently, I have Nooooo idea if I did one or five during this time, I am also worried it’ll affect loot we got during these runs - for some reason (which is probably just paranoia).

I happened to finally get lucky with the one-armed-bandit and looted a mount, after maaaany expeditions, so I would be devestated if this affected our pixels too, but I doubt it will… right?

Even Blizzard have given up pretending Azerite Power and Artifact Power are different things.

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So accurate! =D

I didn’t know this, i wasn’t aware of this while i did a few island expeditions last week i think to complete the quest (not for the “fun” of it).

Even when i got the email saying about a too large amount of AP being rewarded i thought that doesn’t apply to me cause i don’t exploit bugs, never done that and not planning to do so in the future.

Until i logged in on my main, i’ve lost somewhere around 18K AP, enough to lower my ilvl and my necks level by 1 point each.

Getting to read here that others didn’t lose their gained 50K+ AP through this bug not getting removed really hurts while i don’t even know if i really benefited from the said bug.

PS. still thinking about this, because i feel like there’s more AP taken from me than should have been, if i ever deserved to get it taken away cause i don’t know if i benefited at all. Last week there have been a good load of AP rewarding WQ’s, emissary quests and assaults, i feel like that has been taken as well leaving me feeling mistreated.

Ahahahaha, “Artifact” Power :smiley:

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