Artifact skin unlocks


I started a conversation about this a few weeks ago but the thread is too old to continue, so here are my fresh questions:

For each artifact, there is a skin unlock that requires unlocking all artifact traits (‘Power Realized’ achi). How do you do that if they are disabled ever since BfA started?

Can I get keys, enter instances solo and get credit for completion of Legion mythics? Asking because of the ‘Keystone Master’ achievement, that is also a requirement.

The PvP unlocks… do those accumulate passively or do I need to wear/have a special item? Do a questchain or anything? (I mean the prestige stuff.)

Complete stuff ‘using hidden artifact appearence’… What is cosidered ‘hidden’? Any other appearence than the basic one?

Until next time, ty

For the “Power Realized” tint, you automatically gain it upon completion of the class hall quest chain because of the AP system being removed.

For the “Keystone Master” tint, you have to complete a BfA +15, and not a Legion one, because you can no longer obtain a keystone for the Legion dungeons. This is probably the hardest appearance to earn now, since it requires current content at a reasonable level.

The PvP skins unlock passively as you PvP and gain Honor Levels. You get the tints at Level 10, 30, 50 and 80. Please be aware that it takes forever and a half to gain Honor Levels past the first 5 (?), so be aware you will be doing the daily BG, Epic and Skirmish wins for over a year if you don’t farm beyond that.

You get the hidden artifact tints by doing the stated activities with the hidden base skin unlocked. That’s all. You can google more on the hidden skins yourself.


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