<Ascendency>Horde-Recruiting raiders!


Ascendency has been around since the glorious days of WotLK. We’re old in any sense of the word, but not too old :smiley:

We are looking for people to fill in raid spots for the new raid, let’s face it Uldir got to us, 6 hrs of raiding a week doesn’t sound like much really.
We cleared 8/8HC Uldir, and we got stuck on 2/8M simply because we lack people, in this case we want you!
We are going to clear heroic again, but for mythic we want to bolster the ranks, if you can commit to 2 raids a week, we are fun to be around and more then happy to help out with gear if lacking.

For any questions ask anyone online.

Looking forward to hear from you!
Nazorine #2132

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