Ashanvale PVP ? Is this joke?

Ashenvale Event, I don’t know who designed this clown fiesta but it literally lasts 5sec.

Is this joke, I don’t know what to say.

I mean there are lots of things to say but everyday you design something worse.

I don’t know, even can AI can design something better much better. How do you accept this, is there no test, no control, no design manager? Forget about these, not even 1 person play wow in this company?


Yes? :))))

Referring to this “event” as a PvP event is a mistake in the first place. From what I’ve seen so far no large scale PvP has come out of this event.

Raids form, heavily in favour of horde proceeded by both factions dodging eachother, layer and repeat. No incentive to fight anything other than NPC’s when the bosses dies and the event is often brute-forced and ends in <60 seconds. Participating and then getting 0 rewards or reputation just makes it even worse.

Whoever designed this mode should be kept away from any discussion of future PvP design and PvP events.


Don’t forget they may have started this whole thing few minuts after they talked about it @ the blizzcon.

They should make it like AV, the final boss that ends the battle is pretty much unkillable with the bases up. Then H and A have to fight as they advance towards said bases.

Also they need to give rep for HKs inside Ashenvale.

The primary reason for doing the event is to earn Silverwing Sentinels Reputation. In fact its far and away the most efficient way to earn rep with the faction.

However the ONLY way to get rep is to be present at one of the camps when a general + adds are killed.

  • If you help grind the % bar up to 100%, no rep
  • If you defend one of your own bases, no rep
  • If you PVP other players during the event, no rep
  • If you turn in the quest for doing the event, no rep
  • If your faction doesnt have a 4o man raid formed at 95%, no rep
  • if you DIE during the event for any reason, NO REP.

It’s like someone had a brain storm and was put together in half an hour or less the mark you get from it can only be turned in once which means that apart from little reputation and an item for a quest thats not repeatable the event is dull. This event was supposed to be a massive thing in phase 1 and ppl don’t want to do it because they don’t see a point

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There are too many issues with that PVP event but just to name a few:

– people have no idea what is happening and how to play it
– the zone is too large
– people have no intention to come and participate
– the event itself is quick with nothing to do in between

A few ideas to improve:

– let people know what is it by sending an in-game mail at lvl20 to join the war or something like that
– make the rep count no matter where you at. Each part of the zone should have a clear objective that counts toward the end goal and you are awarded for that. Don’t let people run 15 minutes across the map to just die and run again 10 minutes as a ghost
– make the event longer with sub-events so people can participate on many fronts such as killing mobs for loot that can be handed over to build the war bases. More loot handed, more rep for the player and stronger the base. There is a need for solo content.
– split the event so there is a major one with bosses/bases and minor ones that are outside of the main event time and can be done on a normal basis during the day.
– show what’s in for players. Mounts, weapons, special enchants that are only applicable in that zone, or even special runes?

People need to find a reason to stay in that zone all day. They don’t have that reason now.


Bro these information are too intense for blizzard to understand. Basically they are not capable to do anything anymore.

You need to come with an ideas like why there is no gender nautral furlbog in ashanvale, I am offended.


They are busy trying to find the next Hunter nerf. Don’t think they’ll look at this.


Maybee also make it that you have to own ALL bases, both horde an alliance before you can attempt to kill the boss. If the opposite faction capture 1 of your NPC bases, you have to take it back before you can go and kill the boss. Then you can’t just form a raidgroup and take out 1 by one of the enemies bases and gameover.

Yeah that’s not a bad idea.

when was the last time blizzard did a proper pvp event? never in wow


They should have also gave everyone the mount from just doing the event once, to make it easier to keep playing on this large map…

Just make players fight each other, thats a f pvp event, first faction to kill 500 or whatever wins, its stupid af to have 5 raids full of players want to pvp and make them fight npcs. they always have to add boring pve so we are “entertained”. Its like every dev is pve player

They can’t make them play PvP on AV and break PvE race meta, that led to bots appearing on BGs. Guess only Russians are interested in playing PvP game mode properly.


Worst pvp " THING" ever in any game. Ppl trash talked wintergrasp but it was 300 times better than this , at least i know where to go and participate a bit before its over. Yesterday i got invited to a raid and i was like 2 min away from the rest … game was over before i even get there ! WTF IS THIS bs . Also … there are already ppl on mounts and honored… this absolute abomination even give ppl INSANE REP , rep that u have to play 300 WSG matches to get… wtf blizzard. Do i really need to layer hop , spam general chat and get rep with a pvp faction that way ? Give wsg games THE SAME REP THEN … they last longer than 30 seconds and also make those mounts usable inside wsg also! Are u joking!

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A pvp event by its definition:

A certain designated area with defined goals
2 opponents fighting to fulfil the goals

So far if we take it by the book - PvP ashenvale has all the elements.

2 opponents fighting each other … player versus player, not horde player vs ally automated pixels aka bosses. Even the dumb wintergrasp was designed so players fighting each other around objectives and not players avoid each other and go for their pve objectives. So many ppl complained how we avoid each other in AV and rush bosses and they made almost the same abomination here , nobody at this company can design good player versus player mode anymore it seems. Whats next … warsong gulch 2 … the flag is a boss now , go and kill it 1st. If anything … Tarren Mill epic battles from 2004 were THE BEST … now add just 1 base between tarren mill and soutshore that increase the points from 1 per kill to 2 per enemy kill and watch the fight around that base. Simple as this would be even better.

A mode where the objective is to kill a NPC it already can’t be a PvP Event.
Just calling it a PvP Event doesn’t make it so.
PvP = Player vs Player.
The ONLY directive in Ashenvale is to kill a certain NPC.

When you design a gamemode with the sole focus being on killing a NPC, that makes it a pureblood PvE Event.
A PvP-Event would contain no NPCs, and their objective would be neutral or even outright focused on killing an enemy player, or certain amounts of them.

We can’t blame the players here because they only do what they are told to do, and they do it effectively: Kill NPCs. Before the other team can.
It’s more a side-by-side PvE Event than anything PVP.