Ashbringer - are you there?

Hi all,

I made a post on the main TBC forum asking for verification about what Blizzard plans to do with Ashbringer. I feel we are all trapped here unless you want to go through a couple of other realms to get somewhere and that it’s impossible to make a decent choice currently as all the numbers are skewed.

Hoping for some clarification but not holding my breath!

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Ashbringer is dead, contains only 230 people who didn’t have time to transfer to Earthshaker before consolidation. Now we can’t transfer from it.

I hope Blizzard merges it with Earthshaker (or allows free transfers) before prepatch (as soon as possible) because that is the only intelligent thing to do right now.

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Does even blizzard hear us? or care about the players or they just want our mony to make us transfare to other servers? I have X3 chars and If I need to transfare them to other server I need to pay like 60EU wich is too much and insane price. I just resbscribe to play, when been 2 days cant find even 2 -5 players to make group for dungeon or quest.

@blizzard iknow you don’t care about us but atleast give us a free transfare or discount on transfare. this didn’t mean to play alone like a money. Thank you.

I am now sending in daily support requests and tweeting at the Classic Lead.

Hopefully, me being annoying will prompt some vague memory within Blizzard and the slumbering giant will remember how customer service works.

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+1 We need Ashbringer to collapse into another server with some actual people on it, won’t be able to get dungeon groups or a raiding guild with this new dungeon system they have coming.

Yes, they really need to merge or give us free transfer ASAP

yeah i resubbed about 4 days ago without any knowledge of the merges or realm states or anything, all i can do is open world farm and pvp lmao, hope they give us free transfers i sent a ticket in and the support team cant help you its a decision with someone above them, was told to look on here to see if they say anything but i think theyre just gonna leave us rot for a bit tbh considering the pre patch is pretty soon

i am decimated they logged me into my 20

I am now tweeting at the 3 classic leads. It’s been 12 weeks since they said they would give us ‘more information’ and it’s simply not acceptable that we have had to wait for that long to get any kind of answer.

There was a window which you could leave on, but it wasn’t official, Blizzard never told us to take it, so we stayed and waited on news they promised us we would get.

They really need to enable free transfers from Ashbringer to 1-2 servers per faction now so we can get settled in and ready for WotLK. If they don’t, this is probably the end of the road for me because I can’t accept that 12 weeks with no news is acceptable to anyone in 2022.

It is definitely an awful experience to come back to wow ahead of the wotlk prepatch to find a completely empty server. While I was subscribed, I somehow completely missed that this was happening? Did anyone get any notifications?

Not sure what the plan is, given so many other servers underwent consolidation, but to leave Ashbringer hanging definitely sucks.

A reply from Blizzard on what we should expect, consolidating with another server or keep transfers open all seem like reasonable things to ask for.

There were no notifications outside of 2 forum posts, 1 that listed all of the realms that were to be consolidated and Ashbringer and Razorgore were not among them. When we asked they did reply in a 2nd post and said that these 2 realms would not be consolidated or have free transfers, a few weeks later they gave Razorgore free transfers but not Ashbringer.

They then made a huge error which they admitted to and forgot to close transfers from HW so the vast majority of players fled HW > RG > Realm of their choice. As Blizzard had specifically told us we would not get free transfers about 200 players stayed put on Ashbringer as Blizzard told us to.

Since the start I have posted 2-3 times a week on the forums, I have raised countless game feedback and support requests and I am now tweeting daily at the 3 WoW classic leads.

I have had 0 response from anyone, and it’s now been 12 weeks and 1 day since the original post.

Have no hope for Ashbringer, they have forgotten about us or worse, are simply happy to let us rot. This is the single worst experience I have had in 35 years of MMO’s.

If anyone from Blizzard is listening and cares, Ashbringer needs help, and it needs it now. Surely a quarter of a year for a response seems just mind-boggling to everyone, or is it just me?


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