Hi. Where i can get ashbringer transmog? I mean the default.

It’s easy. Here is a list of steps:

  • Go to Orgrimma, get the quest “The Legion Returns” and follow it up until you finish up Broken Shore scenario and and funeral.
  • You should get “In the Blink of an Eye” quest automaticly; follow the directions to get to Dalaran and help teleport the city.
  • Turn in the quest and run around Dalaran, some NPC will come to you with a quest.
  • Follow up this story until you are asked to choose one of 3 weapons: Truthguard, The Silver Hand and the Ashbringer.
  • Choose the Ashbringer and follow the quest, they will lead you back to Broken Shore where Tirion has fallen.
  • Go back to the Order Hall when you finish up and get the weapon and go to the big room with an altar, use it to check other variants of the weapon.
  • Log out and log back in.
  • When you open your collections interface(shift+P) you will find the Ashbringer in the Weapon category, you must choose Legion Aritface weapon type.
  • Equip your non-artifact weapon and go to the Tranmogrifer to use that appearance on your weapon.

If you have completed some of those steps already you just skip them now and I saw you did some of the Legion quests. On top of that if you already have another Paladin that got the weapon you can access the transmog right away without getting the weapon on second one.

If you are interested in other colors and skins check out some guides on the internet how to get them. I recommend checking

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