Ashenvale PvE Event (not pvp)

Blizzard. The idea and purpose was good. Absolutely love the thought of going head to head with the alliance in Ashenvale. The execution of this idea is absolutely horrible. A joke.

First of all, its still bugged. Not rewarding, at all. STILL NO REP!? why even bother.
Secondly, its still just a race towards killing the bosses first. no incentive to fight each other. Oh and, no rep reward, still.

Give us incentive to fight, make the fight rewarding, make it longer. You made a hotfix, which fixed absolutely… nothing. lol.

Kudos for the overall thought and idea… i guess.

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killing players should give 10-20 reputation but seems like that’s beyond Blizzard’s coding capability.

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1-5 rep pr kill would be a FANTASTIC idea… and make total sense for the duration of this first part of the season. But yeah. thats beyond their imagination i guess…

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More like the event has to work for both pve and pvp servers, giving pvp servers a outright advantage isnt a move their about to make.

this was the “Hotfix” they implemented yesterday, no?

What? It’s a pvp event.

My statement is simple.

If the event was to heavily incentivize real pvp. Pve players on pve realms would cey. So they make it “pve driven”. With pvp switched on.

While everyone on pvp servers would be fine as we all are killing each otjrr anyway lol.

Hopefully they do something. But they protect pve players at the cost of pvpers sadly

doesnt make sense? protecting PvE players? they can just choose not to opt in, if they dont want to pvp? if they implemented 1-2+ rep with WSG pr player kill, everyone would opt in, even on pve servers.

Nobody cares about pve-ers on a pvp event. That’s like saying balance BFD raid around pvp players. Nonsense. If you don’t want to pvp then don’t join.

Wasnt the point i was making.

Im stating blizzards intentionally.made the objective pve to include pve player in the event.

As Aggrend (Josh) said in the linked article " the change to the faction leaders will be coming “very soon”, with the team taking a look at the other adjustments "in the coming days".