Ashjra'kamas, shoroud of resolve

Hellou, im trying to get this cloak, and i have the first quest according to wowhead that i need to do, an unwelcome advisor. the quest shows upp on my map in bolarus and it says quest available under the quest, but when i go to pick it upp there is no such guest there??? any one know solution to this???

This will be related to phasing. /sigh

If you read down the comments on the quest here:

you will find several solutions for different phasing issuse about picking up and turning in the quest.

The one that seems most likely to me from what you said is

For anyone trying this in Dragonflight or after Anduin doesn’t automatically speak to you anymore, instead next to Cyrus there will be a note on the table with the start of the quest and then Anduin will speak to you.

but it could be one of the others.

but my problem is i cant eaven pick upp the quest in bolarus, eaven if it shows on my map. availeble quest

Is the note on the table?

If, like me, you don’t get the quest automatically there’s a scroll called “Urgent missive” that also starts the quest. You can find it in the Harbormaster’s Office beneath the Scouting Map on a table next to Taelia.

HOLY S***, there is a note, i just didnt see it. man iw been all around the world looking for the solution. and there it is right before my eyes… THANX a million, and happy happy eastern <3

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