Ashran portal in Orgrimmar

So I used the cave campfire near Timeless Isle to port to Draenor and fly to Frostfire Ridge from there and set up my garrison, so I skipped the entire intro.
Now my alt is lvl 95 and cannot for some reason use the portal to Warspear even though we just ported to Orgrimmar from there!
Will I have to do the intro scenario after all or will it open up for my alt at lvl 100 or what?
I had most of my alts go this way to Draenor, would suck if I had to backtrack on all of them just to get all the portals to work. It’s more of a completionism thing because what do we even need in Ashran anyway…

I never heard of that, but then I never thought of it.

There is a comment on Reddit here that mentions it:

There is also a Warspear portal in Saurfang’s room in Orgrimmar, but if you didn’t complete the Draenor intro quests then you won’t be able to see it or use it.

Since I always use my Garrison Hearthstone to get to Draenor, I wouldn’t have noticed anyway, but I just checked my DHs, and they can all get to Warspear or Stormshield by the capital portal room.

I saw that comment.

Don’t DH start with a garrison as they are legion content and start at level 90?

Nope. DHs are Legion content, but start at 98 in Mar’dum, and exit to Dalaran at 100. They never go to Draenor, or get a garrison, unless you go back and do the sequence to get one.

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