[A][Silvermoon]<Tree Trunk Cloud> LF ranged dps

Hi all! Tree Trunk Cloud are looking for ranged dps to complete our friendly and chill raiding team.

We raid Sunday and Tuesday 8-10:30pm server time and are currently 2/10M 10/10HC.

Our goal is always AOTC where everyone is given a fair opportunity for raiding and to make progress as a guild. We do not bench people/ ask for a set amount of Mythic+ rating or crazy item levels.

We ask for a sensible head, the willingness to self improve and the perseverance to work as a team to achieve. This attitude to raiding has allowed the guild to go from strength to strength, achieving AOTC in the last tier and now having fun at exploring Mythic.

We may not be the largest guild or have the fastest progress but we all log in to enjoy the game and I can certainly say that I have made friends along the way. :slight_smile:

Feel free to message me for more information!

Hi, which specs or classes would you be most interested in?

Hi there! Any ranged dps is what we are looking for the most :slight_smile: