Assassination Rogue LF Raiding Guild in SL


I am a veteran player of the game and the rogue class. I have returned to SL to raid with a guild and once again enjoy downing bosses. I took a break from raiding in BFA as I had a kid so there was very little time for a raiding schedule! I’m now back and have currently downed 6/10 normal. I currently have 187 ilvl and the BiS lego from my spec.

I’m looking for a guild that raids 2 times a week, preferably 8:30pm onwards server time. I have no interest in Mythic raiding. Outwith raiding I enjoy doing Mythic + dungeons or battlegrounds.

Feel free to add my battletag: Maugrim#21639 for a chat or to ask anything else.

I am willing to faction / realm change for the right guild.

Thank you for reading!

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