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Hello Everyone!

Eminence is a newly formed guild on Sylvanas EU. We are a guild initially aiming for HC progression in Nathria and AOTC.

The guild consists of several players and mates with varying raiding experience over the years. Besides Raiding we aim to make M+ our main focus.

At our core, we are simply a group of friendly players who like to play, laugh and have fun while downing some bosses.

What do we offer :
-A friendly community
-An active core
-A progression minded mindset
-Relaxed and welcoming atmosphere

What do we require:
-Dedicated players
-Human decency
-Willingness to learn and improve
-Willingness to make friends and interract with people

Check us out on guilds of wow
https:.// guildsofwow. com/eminenceeu

Or feel free to add me on Bnet Vubi012#2896 and Discord Vubi011#9318 if you would like to have a chat before Joining.

Hoping to see you in the Shadowlands!

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Still looking for fine boys and girls!

Do hit the link and apply! :slight_smile:

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