Aszune Community

(Sesquipedela) #1
Aszune Community.
I have created a community for Aszune with the simple name, Aszune.
For me I would love to have a solid unified realm reminding me of days in tbc gathering heroic groups from chat, feel free to join!
Part of my motivation is my long time guild is not super active and I would love to raid and do mythic + with friends rather than only pugs.

(Sinbod) #2
Sounds like a great plan! What is the invite link? :)

(Starstyler) #3
I'd also be interested in joining, although I may not be of much use. I'm a returning player having had a 3-year absence but I'd love to become more social and I'm not keen on joining some random PUG guild.

(Kvóthe) #4
I played in Wrath and early Cataclysm, so I'm not sure how much I can contribute to your nostalgic feeling, although I do remember some people/guilds.

(Snákeyes) #5
Any invite link?

(Zanith) #6
Is this some sort of Discord server, or what is it you have in mind. I see the name in the title. And if, i'd like a invite for your community.

(Moothilda) #7
Yes please, invite link :)

(Flintar) #8
Alternatively i suggest you all join the Shadowsong/Aszune realm discord:

I dont mean to come in here and destroy your idea, but i suggest we try to not spread the players out over too many discord/communties to confuse.
The idea here have been to see other peoples guild reqruitment, boss kill pictures or pug groups for raid and dungeons.