[A][The Emerald Knights] LF new members!

The Emerald Knights are looking for mature, english speaking players to breathe new life into our guild.

Our guild was founded almost 25 years ago in Ultima Online on the Drachenfels shard. In UO we went to tough spawn points in a battle line and worked together to clear the area while being on the lookout for player killers and fighting them off more often than not.

When WoW was released, we moved over to Aggramar and got busy here. While that lost us the constant threat of PKs, it did open up a much broader scope of questing, dungeons and later raids. We raided from Molten Core in Vanilla to Nighthold in Legion. The ebb and flow of player interest from launch to end of an expansion was something we got used to, but at a certain point in Legion we lost the numbers needed to consistently raid as a guild.

Today we want to get in shape for the imminent launch of the Shadowlands expansion. With our numbers depleted, the logical milestone target is five-man content. Mythic+ is fun and considerably easier to organize, with a more modest time commitment required than for raids.

Therefore we are looking to find new friends to venture to the Shadowlands with!

Our concrete plan is very modest, but with veteran members already sticking their heads back in and making sure they are set for the new expansion, we might even raid again, headcount permitting.

Please contact me if interested, here, in-game or via the recruitment function in-game.
Thank you.

Kind regards,

PS: I personally didn’t play BFA until spring this year, so feel free to giggle at my absence of impressive stats ;]

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