[A]<The Expedition> - Looking for more friends!

Who are we?

The Expedition (Naxxramas 10/15)is a community of people who are love playing classic! Our goal is to build a healthy and inclusive community and raid on weekend evenings (Friday/Saturday). We are a diverse group of people, with different nationalities and cultures, various age and gender groups. Some of us are vanilla veterans, some never played classic and some are experiencing WoW for the first time!

Why casual and why weekends?

Many of us have busy lives, work and/or family to look after and only have a limited time for gaming. :stuck_out_tongue: That being said, casual does not mean “license to be bad”. We expect our raiders to prepare and play at a reasonable level. On top of that, the differences in time zones make it pretty hard to arrange raids on weekdays. By the time a person in western Europe is back from work, someone in eastern Europe needs to go to bed so they can be properly rested for the following workday. :stuck_out_tongue: Fridays will let us start a bit later in the evening without concerns for either group while Saturdays will let us have a bit of a longer raid without concerns for either group.

Why RP-PvE?

Some of our members are interested in the role-playing aspect, and most of us aren’t interested in playing with “Godslayerxx” or “Soserious” (yes, we’ve run into these names and worse :man_facepalming: ). Immersion is important to us and we feel a role-playing server will enhance that. Also, while we do have people interested in pvp, there are a lot of situations where this option is available. A pvp server would just make it a forced instead of an optional activity at times.

What are we looking for?

People with an interest in raiding and/or interest in professions. We expect people to be respectful to each other, not engage in juvenile jokes or bullying and not be overly negative (nobody wants a party pooper). We do not expect people to commit to anything, this is a game after all. However, we do expect people to follow through with their commitments if they choose to make any.

We are currently primarily looking for fury warriors, rogues and warlocks, although all dps will be considered. We are full on tanks and healers.

Sounds good, how do I contact you?

If you are interested or just want to hear more you can poke and chat with anyone of us on discord (discord.gg/AZE76pK) to see if we could get along. Please be aware that as already mentioned, we are people with busy lives, so you may not get an instant response. Be patient, we are not ignoring you – just not tied to our keyboards. :wink: People unwilling to use discord are unlikely to fit into our community as it is our primary means of communication.
Please, do not hesitate to reach us on our discord:

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