(A)TLOTD looking for more active members

Guild: The last of the dunedain
Server: EU Sylvanas
Faction: Ally

The last of the dunedain is looking for active dps and heal to fill up our last spots for our mythic progression (1/10M -10/10H) raiding Wed/Sun.
we are a small group of people that like to raid and miss 5 active members to push for more mythic kills

Raid Nights (server time):
Wednesday 19:00-23:00
Sunday 19:00-23:00

Looking for:
DK: unholy
Pala: holy / ret
sha: ele / enh / resto
monk: all spec
Dh: havoc
lock: all spec
priest : holy/shadow
But may be able to make room for dps warrior/mage/druid/rogue as long as your active and have some basic skills

at the moment we are 2/10M looking for last 2 spots for our core team (monk/ pala) on high demand

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