Auchindoun EU New Guild Recruiting - Amateur League - PVP/PVE

Raid times are 20:30 - 23:00 Server Time, Friday & Sunday
Voice chat (Discord) is mandatory. A microphone is not.
We’d love to have a few more DPS, although if you have a healing offspec, it wouldn’t hurt.
If you’re interested or have questions, please ask me, Aráthorn, Venthra,Leriac, etc
So, who are we?
Most of the guild is down for casual raiding no serious going for server first. All having other commitments. Always looking to help eachother with alts and dungeons.

We understand that life happens. That said, we appreciate guildies who sign up to engage and be friendly.

Our raid group is on the smaller side and we hover between 10 to 12. (This is where you come in)

Who are you?
We hope you’re grown up. Enough so that you’re comfortable in a group where we make jokes and banter. Very friendly people.

You know how to listen when we set a tactic. If you have a different one, you’re free to explain it before the raid starts. You’re also not afraid to wing it and get killed a few dozen times.

You raid because it’s fun and we are the same. Message if you are interested.

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