Auction house shenanigans

Auctions are being created in the following theme:

Minimum bid: 1c
Buyout price: normal buyout price for item

This results in the auction mentioned above to be favored when filtering because the minimum bid is 1c. My issue comes in the fact that people are able to cancel their auction AFTER someone has made a bid.

I’m writing this here because i want to get other people’s input on this. People are putting in these auctions so they’re favored by the filter so people see their auction first. When someone makes a bid on the 1c they cancel their auction and simply re-auction the item. This results in an endless loop of them just re-auctioning the same item over and over until someone pays the buyout price. Normally not a problem but now i see the AH filled auctions abusing this system to get on top of the list.
I could join them but i’d prefer not to stand around the AH to cancel my auction as soon as a bid has been made. If it has been like this forever and people are OK with this i will simply shut up. I’m posting here because i think people shouldn’t be able to cancel their auction after a bid has been made.

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