Auction house+mails

reset ui wont fix it :smiley: tried allrdy


Cool, I didn’t have the time to try that out yet, but when you can’t I properly can’t either.

We just have to wait patiently while they fix it.

At the moment the servers have been taken down for “Emergency maintencance” as it says on the character login screen.

They are doing something to fix it :smiley:

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i hope they rly do! and also fix the ingame lag and etc meanwhile :smiley:

My brother just wrote me that he randomly had a mount worth 50k gold in his bank… aaaaaand he hadn’t put it there himself xD

Something is defiantly wrong :smiley:

They have stated that they are also looking into the game crashes at the same time now. Probably also the lag etc as you said :slight_smile:

Lets hope

I hope everyone has been enjoying the weekend so far (apart from this particular issue and some others!).

As an update on this Auction House issue: A fix is being worked on at the moment, and I can assure you that no gold or items sent by the Auction House have been lost. For the near future though you may still occasionally get delays in Auction House mails, I apologise for the inconveniences this is causing to you all.


Alright, delay delay but how long is the delay? It’s been over 48 hours and still nothing. I need gold for raiding, when are u sending the gold ? Next year? fkin trash support

Can’t even report a ticket of this bug, the realm selection is bugged and ive waited 2 days aswell for my auctions to come through

How long will it be till the mail starts coming through again?

Is it safe to keep posting stuff on the AH though? will the new sales come through on time or delayed as well?

You say “we’ll fix that problem.” but after last restart (an hour ago) my 175 battle potions have missed too. this can be the worst patch ever on world of warcraft history for technically

I hope you are not serious with the whole “UI reset” thingie. This is NOT an UI issue, it’s a Blizzard / WoW related problem on the server side, not on the client side.

Remove the new AH it will for sure have more problems in future than never before. and i can’t make a ticket i want my golds back right now from my sold stuffs

Could we at least get a new update on this? How is it going with fixing this issue? It’s a pretty bad one. Not being able to use the AH fully is just a really bad thing.

All stacked items disappeared from the AH and no gold in the mail - hotfix clearly did not solve that (nor did the emergency maintenance fix the mac issues)
8.3 - I miss out on new content, instead on the focus for +, focus on the fix
Quest - Just send in a ticket as some quests and/or items are not rewarded
AH - Still not working, where is my gold?
Gameplay - almost impossible.

Yeah, I can understand the joy of the weekend where i was hoping to have fun on a game I pay subscription MONTHLY since the last 8 years… thats including Expansion sales over 1600 EU.

Personally I am frustrated and pissed that Blizzard over all those years living up with the same issues, not even took an effort to at least provide a bit of compensation and it doesn’t look like it will do so now, and you wonder why ppl leave this game…

100500 gold just missing!!! been 22 - 23 hours since ticket was submitted which i sent 2 hours after gold should have arrived. No GM has gotten back to me yet. But a gm can quickly respond when I get stuck . Im not asking for an immediate solve but info would be nice.

I think that Blizzard’s done a lot to make submitting tickets as hard as possibe.
This issue is probably easy to deal with. It’s not a realm selection issue. You probably was redirected to us service (like it happend to me) where you have no character. Change us (or na) to eu in url and you’re able to pick realm and submit a ticket.
BTW: I got response for my ticket. In short words: “It’s an UI issue” (yeah when there is mail to show it’s totaly UI problem), “reload UI” (it’s the best solution to all server related problems), “don’t worry” (we’re loosing our gold (by not earning more) and fun from game - what is there to worry about) and “be patient” (this actually makes sense - they’ll finally fix it, or most of us will give up on their gold)


i have the same problem ! what we must do now

i cant ticket in game for this issue i dont know why this is so difficult buy i need my gold from items that i sold in ah !

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More then 2 days later stil no solution for this problem. Quite annoying tbh.
Got 2 subs, and playing since vanilla but if this aint fixed fast then i am rly done with wow. PTR was up long enouf to fix such problems before the patch was launched.