Auctionator questions

Hi there everyone!

I am using this addon for a while now, however I have some questions regarding it:

1) When I scan an AH on a Realm X, will that info be available for all the characters on that realm, assuming the addon is also enabled on those characters??

2) When I scan an AH on a Realm X, if I scan a Realm Y afterwards, will the info from the X be erased or the info is stored Realm by Realm??

3) How often shall I scan a Realm AH??
I usually do it every 3 days, when I have to repost the items.

Thanks in advance!

1)/2) Yes, the data is saved per realm.

3) In the tooltip, Auctionator shows you the prices of the most recent scan. You have a price history per item, that gets more accurate (shows more data) with more scans. But as far as I know, that’s it. You should be fine to scan every three days.


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Thanks a lot for your awesome explanation!

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