Aure Entuluva Recruiting and possible Colab

Hey guys,
I am writing this knowing that this once bustling HELLSCREAM/aggramar forum has been pretty much dead for many year now.

We have always been a guild that has been a resting place (and eventual long stay) for a good variety of players whether they have been from old Hardcore guilds to more casual relaxed ones.
Keeping to a two night a week raiding schedule(Normally Thursday and Tuesdays 20:00 - 23:00Realm times) that has focused mainly on getting AOTC but branching out into achievement and the occasional Mythic run if numbers have allowed.
Unfortunately with the way WoW has been(some very real Burnout) and RL commitments/illnesses or just people falling out of love with the game, we have taken a big hit to our core team and friends.
So I would love to extend a hand out to anyone out there who doesn’t have a guild they feel connected to, any lone wolves that are in need of friendship or anyone that needs a bit of a change. Please get in touch with either myself…Ellux or Zonnestraal(GM), Larci(Officer) or Caranath(officer)

Also if there is any Guild out there that is having/had Similar problems and would like to possibly get something going and extending their communities for raiding team ups we are very open to the possibilities.



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