Aurostor <The Hibernating, No loot for durids?

It seems he doesn’t drop anything or is even killable for druids.
Anyone having a different experience?
I killed him twice now and only so called wipes.

I killed him on Druid and completed the quest. No loot though. Bug or bad luck, I do not know.

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Yeah, no loot on my Druid.

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Is it a rare rare drop like 1% mounts, or just 5-10% rare like you’re bound to get it if you do it on 2-3 toons every time it’s up?

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ive gotten helm transmog on druid and boots on rogue.

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yes, there is a loot table with goodies but for me and apparently other Druids, he just cancels the fight at 19% and takes a nap.

on a rogues yeah

That’s how the fight works, he goes back to sleep.

I think it was bugged the first day for Druids…

thats not how drop rate works

Killed him 12 times with druids…and gotten leather feet once. No skin.

Low drop rate in order to keep people logging in for all of this patch me thinks ^^

But I have gotten all the other outdoor forms.

If it keep players sub’ed and logging in weekly its content, in Blizzards eyes.

Despite not having it yet, I’m somewhat reassured by the fact it’s called “Runebear (Yellow)” in the Barber Shop… so there is a glimmer hope of the other colours being introduced before the end of the expansion.

?? How many druids are u running?

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