Autism Awareness Month: anyone else having difficulties with raids?


Story shouldnt be in raids at all quest wise.


I disagree!!!

LFR is there so people can see story


I said quests should never be in raids unless legendaries like ICC or DS for example.
The war campaign shouldnt be.


idk, I like it being matching - questing doing story and doing raid, gives raids more purpose rather than “uhuh we go and kill 11 bosses”


But players should not be forced into raids to progress the storyline of there char if raids are not there thing or they suffer illness.


That is basically why I started this thread. I think it’s fine to keep the connection between story and raid; it would just be nice to give players the choice to opt out. Maybe still find a way to let them see cutscenes, but no loot, no rewards.

That way, players who are mainly there for the story or who have other reasons to avoid raids, would not be left out.

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Been an interesting read this. I am someone who has mild AS but I am not someone who has the issues some other sufferers have and I do have sympathy for those who are afflicted with them it’s not fun by any neck of the woods dealing with them.

But here is the thing I personally have been able to cope with a lot of the past raids I have done and to be clear a lot of them where done on a old main of mine and not on this main I changed mains because of personal reasons relating to the game and only put this here because in the past I’ve been accused of not playing the game or end game content as my achievement score is not that high.

Anyway back on topic. I’ve learned to put myself into a tunnel mode state in raids and my brain has learned to not look too much at the spell effects and so on in the raid and just concentrate on one keeping myself alive and two the mechanics of the encounters that I come into contact with. So far through out the game this way of thinking has got me through various things with some ease. Sure there have been some snarl ups but that’s the way it goes some times.

What would help more would be that people did not pass judgement so fast I have been kicked from some PUG’s in some cases for tiny mistimes or not being in a safe area or killed by an AoE I could not move out of fast enough. That can be crushing and even worse on the first run doing something new.

I do understand the idea of having something that would cut out the need to do such raids but the issue with that is irrespective if you do not get loot it would be subject to abuse for those who are too lazy to do it then there is the point of how to verify that someone is genuinely on the spectrum and I sadly do not think Blizzard would want to invest time or money in a way to make sure a genuine sufferer is wanting to use such an option and not someone who is not on it who is too lazy to do the content because they see using a condition such as what we suffer from as an excuse to look like they did something that they clearly did not.

Again good read interesting views here.


I’m lucky enough not to suffer from any of the problems described in this thread, but even so, I would strongly support Blizzard adding a slider to tone down other people’s sound and light effects.

My first-world problem is much less serious. I time my rotation by ear. I can hit my keys perfectly on time (barring a bit of mashing) provided I can hear my own spellcasts. I’m fine solo, and I’m fine in 5-mans, but when you get up towards 20 characters clanging and whooshing and booming, I start getting lost, missing casts, still hammering the same key when I don’t realise that a cast has already happened.

It would certainly help me a lot if I could hear myself clearly, and I can see how being able to turn down visual effects from other people might also help.

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Aspie here. I also have trouble with some flashy mechanics and communication. I usually avoid anything that requires audio communication as it usually becomes too overwhelming for me (paying attention to the encounter AND the players speaking on the mic).

Also, raid encounters are just too long for me, can’t focus on the monitor for that long, I have to be free to move away from the PC if needed. So at the end I just avoid raiding and stick to LFR or solo stuff.

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Yeah, the story doesn’t need to be locked behind raiding. There could be raid-related quests that give the same rewards though (for example, kill the last boss and get 1500 azerite etc). But when it’s the main questline, it kind of forces you to go there if you wish to continue on with the story. Guess it’s because Blizzard wants everyone to play the new raid and experience it themselves.

Doubt they’ll change anything anytime soon though, in which case going to LFR with sound muted/particle effects dumbed down and chat hidden is probably your best bet. It’s not going to be that bad, and honestly if you think that you need to contribute then that’s cute, but nobody is ever contributing in LFR. Most people just auto attack the boss. Try your hardest and you’ll probably not be kicked. And even if you are, just queue up again.


In my opinion, any reason not wanting to do a raid is valid (even ‘lazy’) - this is a game, it’s meant to be fun. We all have enough challenging things that we can’t get out of in RL, it’s totally ok to cherry-pick in games. There will always be people who moan and complain that other may take the easy route - but that is not for them to decide.

I would just leave the decision to the players - if the content is interesting and challenging, there will be enough who enjoy it. And the others can go and enjoy other things.

YES! all of this! Too overwhelming, too much, too long. I don’t say it can’t be fun, but usually it’s just too exhausting.

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Hi, if you need m10 help sometimes, for weekly chest, chill run and stuff, feel free to add me, i’m on kazzak too.

Can do decent dps and usually i have a key lying in bags that i don’t even have to use for myself.

Don’t have much experience in raiding tho.

This goes for you too. I don’t talk much, i’d type by default.

or idk, if y’all make a community and announce it here, i can join and do at least 1 +10 run with someone per week. I can’t promise more, because life, obligations etc etc

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I get your point but it’s not what I was driving at there are going to be those rightly or wrongly say it is giving special treatment to one part of the player base and would see this as unfair. I do not want to sound off when I say this but I would also see it as unfair as well irrespective of not getting loot that I have had to do something and others get to skip it.

I leave out the real life issues and problems away from this game since that in itself is subjective and different for each person. But to me personally and what I have learned about myself with my AS and being diagnosed at 23 with I have managed to cope well and would feel embarrassed to use something like this because it would mark me out as a “special case” and no one wants to be seen like that.

Some would also argue that if you don’t earn something on the game the hard way you have no right to say you have done it either. Again it’s a huge can of worms this has opened and I personally do not think that giving special treatment to those on the AS spectrum is the way forwards when we have ways to tone down the graphical issues in the game with a way to alter the graphics in raids or instances when doing them but again I have trained my brain to cope with the graphics being what they are and not in just WoW but across a breadth and length of gaming experience.


It wasn’t meant as “you have to prove you’re disabled and then you get a special button”. I mean the option should be free to all players; a raid should never be mandatory in order to unlock the rest of the content, regardless of any impairments or lack thereof.

I also cringe at the thought of parts of the player base judging each other. In gaming there is always some form of movement of very competitive players, who try to reach a certain level and then look down at the rest and pass judgement.
I’ve been a gamer for so long, I just can’t be bothered to even acknowledge that kind of behaviour.

So, I really don’t care what ‘some would argue’. If they like raids, hey, that’s great. I don’t. Live and let live?

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Well yes you are as you said wanting to bypass something because you have AS or Autism and that is what this is about and in order to allow that to happen it means you have to prove you have it. Sorry just shoe horning in a button to bypass something others have to do even you do not get anything from it loot etc is just in my view opening the entire game up to allow anyone to skip things and then try to do things way above their skill level and then they end up wondering why they are subjected to abuse when they fail them.

I’ve been a gamer for 33 years let’s not nit pick please. I have the mentality of if I want to have something I have to work for it and deal with the issues I encounter along that path not have some magic wand button to press because of having what I have that’s not a sound way to do things it’s just total disregard for any challenge or sense of achievement you would otherwise earn in this game I am going to say this as my last comment I agree to disagree with you on this aspect and it is something I really do not want to see put into the game.

There are probably better ways to help people on the spectrum and give them a chance to do as any content a NT can do as well. I’ve learned to live and cope with my mild AS and I have done a lot of stimulation taxing content in the game and have come off no worse for it and I just think that if this is a way of trying to raise awareness of the condition it is the wrong way to do it.

Everyone who lives with it is different I accept your issues and do no question them but I think personally you also need to realize some of us on the spectrum do not want to be seen as special cases or feel that a feature you would like implemented into the game is a blanket statement on all of us on the spectrum either that’s what bugs me about the idea most. Because if it was in the game it would make other players question if you have such a feature in the game and you happen to do a raid and mention you have either condition they could well turn round and say your not up to this go use that button they put in to skip this because we see you as a burden and your not up to it.


no one is forced to do anything. there’s LFR where you can go and just afk while seeing the story.
its not like, you gotta go to heroic to see the story. all it takes is 3 mouse clicks and voila you get the entire story.

you dont have to talk there, you dont have to play there, just put your char near boss and press 2-3 buttons and that’s it. + you get gear, runes and gold


I think AFKing is problematic for many people with ASD. First, it’s kinda cheating. Second, what if other people see that you’re AFKing and are judging you for it?


you dont actually afk, you’re there and using 1 ability a minute and auto attacking :stuck_out_tongue:


Just do raids, below mythic you should even on progression easily pass by just by listening. Even if your attention span isn’t that good, mine isn’t either I have adhd and when I get bored or people are talking too much I completely lose focus. I know doing old raids is technically doing them, but it’s not the same. You’ll get alot more gratification out of doing them when they are current.

Also you don’t need to speak to other players to learn the game. I learn new raids mainly through personal research on the ptr and by having weakaura’s and bigwigs. The reason most players are in a rush is because they’ve done the content before and just want to get it over with. They have an overarching motive to get things done. And obviously in the case of M+ getting to the end as fast as possible is the main objective.


Firstly, excellent subject, dealt with sensitively and with a lot of respect and consideration, really awesome. I am also on the Autism spectrum so fully empathise with everyone who has to face their own individual challenges here.

I don’t see a problem with allowing anyone to skip steps, JUST to see the story, I mean already it has been stated that no reward or loot would be needed, just a chance to interact with the cut scenes for lore and story completion. After all, it’s an MMO but your experience is very much individual, and I am sorry, but I pay the same as everyone else, why should someone dictate MY gaming experience. Control your own, by all means. However if I wanted a complete button at the start of the game that negated every having to do content, then that’s my business, surely.

I think the argument has always stemmed from people thinking their achievements on this game, their loot, their gear, their progression actually matters to anyone else but themselves, which is pretty egocentric when you think about it. I can guarantee that the majority of people aren’t at all interested in what you have achieved here. It’s really only about your own achievement and sense of accomplishment.

So in the grand scheme of things how others play doesn’t really matter. For the most part I keep out of raids and groups as anxiety makes me an erratic player, I keep away from groups so I don’t inadvertently waste someone else’s precious time. Time for me is a commodity I have very little of, so I respect the hell out of everyone else’s.

I really hope some happy medium is achieved here that allows ANYONE, regardless of their individual challenges, access and interaction with the story lines, lore, and cut-scenes without forcing them to complete content that is not enjoyable to them.

This is a game, if you have to force yourself through something, cheat or suffer then really the whole point of the exercise is lost.