Autism Awareness Month: anyone else having difficulties with raids?

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No idea why your raid was given that treatment it would be a good thing that maybe is hopefully asked at the Blizzcon if they have one this year as to why and that is odd to say the least never got the whole treat one faction differently to another with Blizzard but then again for a number of years they did seem to show bias towards the horde as well I might be wrong of course but things pointed that way for a few years.

I think this game over all has tonnes of issues that need to be addressed and do not get me wrong yours is valid but I would get the feeling to them at least it’s not that very high on the list and that’s a sad depressing fact.

I apologize for how I may have come off in this thread but I am a grafter and I’ve had that instilled in me and I save for all I own and never done anything any other way I guess that ethic has transcended into my gaming habits WoW included and it was never an attack on any one who has what we have at all I just feel as I’ve stated I would rather persist with doing something till I get it done there is no middle ground for me on that I guess what also has helped is my OCD tendencies in this game and it means I will keep going at something till I crack it.

Dad would testify he’s watched me do bosses and raids over and over again and had been stunned at my dogged determination not to finish till I had done what was needed of me.

I hope they will do something for any one else with worse symptoms than I but I really think it’s probably only going to be the way you mentioned and that would be a bit of a kick in the teeth if it is as in the time you would have to wait per thing to get the next story arc up.

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What a complete prat you are using a life long condition as an insult. Shame on you for thinking that is acceptable to do in any circumstances.


Well… No offense but i’m not the type that would call someone names,
But i do agree with you. It’s a shame really that many people seem to think it’s okay to use terms like that in a way to insult people.

Maybe he/she did’nt mean to say it as an insult or anything but to some of us, it obviously is, so therefore i wish that some people would use some common sense and think before they actually say something.

I myself have PDD-NOS which is’nt autism itself but it is related to it
And i myself, do find it hard to make contact, let alone make friends.
That also means i don’t have many friends either
Even tho i’ve helped out many people by now over the years.
(and not just on World of Warcraft)


I was first not going to reply to you because i worry you take it again as attack or otherwise attempt to offend you, but i have to clear up at least on my own part what i was talking because it seems to have upset you and that has never been meaning of it. I want you to feel comfortable on this discussion so i want to clarify this:

I don’t think anyone here has made assumptions about you as a AS sufferer. People (including me) have pointed out that while you can handle this raid thing, there is others who can’t. We are only talking about this specific case which you told yourself you were able to overcome, not making assumptions of anything else. And how could we? Some of us are not qualified for do diagnosis on such matter and those of us who perhaps are would certainly not make one over forum posts.

So what i am trying to say here is: do no feel bad about this discussion even when people post different views than yours. Those are not attacks, they are ment to widen the view on the issue, to show more sides to the table. You should be proud that on this specific issue you have been able to overcome it despite of your problems. Please also understand there is others who are, on this specific issue, worse situation than you and for who it is not necessarily possible to do. That is all we have been trying to say here. :smiley:

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True but some time ago last year I was out food shopping and I happened to be in waiting in line to use the self service tills in Waitrose and there was a elderly woman who was in front of me and in front of her was a lady who had a little boy about six or seven years old he was having a hard time with the stimuli in shop and his mother whilst trying to scan her stuff was trying to keep him calm.

Anyway the old woman in front started to tut and make noises I let this go on for a couple of more minutes I could see the boys mother was getting upset about it and decided to step up and say something.

So I got the older woman’s attention and said to her calmly and evenly. “So you have an issue with a child on the autistic spectrum, having a hard time due to his brain not being able to cope with the noise and other stimuli in this building perhaps madam you would like to know that the, well spoken polite man in his late thirties behind you has the same, thing and he is getting damn well annoyed with your attitude either you stop or I get a manager and let them deal with your poor attitude which is it?”

She was at a loss for words I just gave the mother a small knowing imperceptible nod as she left out of respect. The older woman was red in the face why because I knew full well some of the people behind me heard me remonstrate my disgust in a very polite way and all of them looked annoyed with her as well.

The point of writing this is that I think empathy and respect towards others in the real world is in very short supply and it saddens me even more we have to use life long conditions others have as insults. It’s not clever it’s not smart and if you did it to the wrong person who knows who else you might anger in the process really simple think before you speak and try to refrain from using such conditions as an insult.

That’s one of the many reasons I said what I said in your quote from me there.


I’m on the low end of the autism spectrum. I have a slight asperger diagnose. Which is fine, but I don’t deal very well with stress and anxeity, and it happens that I love playing healers. I have since I started back in BC.

I don’t enounter many problems, but there are a lot of times when I just don’t want to deal with people, in general and people being incompetent in dungeons (which increases my stress). I end up doing a lot of solo playing, or playing with friends.


It is super stressful. I used to play a healer for several years and if you’re with a random group, you often land with people who go all Leroy Jenkins, then moan at you if you didn’t prevent their suicide.
People can be the worst. :wink:
I hope you don’t let the idiots get to you.

The further this discussion progresses, the more I think, we should just have some sort of “nice & tolerant people” community, on both sides, Horde and Alliance.


Not sure exactly why people get offended by people using autism as an insult, and then dare to use their claws insulted by people using autism as an insult. If you are truly happy, or find it a gift. Or it isnt bothering you, why make a big deal out of it? It tells me you definitely don’t like it.

I can’t fathom how we can have movements such as metoo, and everyone is so hyped on being socially outstanding, and claiming its a time of evolution when people still have to reply passive aggressive to people that use words. And then try to tell those bad people they are fine with it, or something positive, teh whole fact taht you blow it up is because you’re not, so why be passive aggressive while trying to defend it.

If you truly rest within yourself, and rest within your disabilities, ignore people that might go against your morals. or are using disabilities to insult others who play poorly.

And to be honest, I have friends with autism that call others autistic because their autism doesn’t affect their gameplay, its a different type, and probably over half the playerbase uses it as an insult.

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Because it makes the lines between an autist and a real jerk blurred.

Instead of calling everyone autist, you have enough vocabulary to either offend everyone around you or to say how you dislike a persons way of play or behave.

You could just say “You ruin this dungeon for everyone with that gameplay, if you are unsure of how to play your char, you should tell us, so we can help you” <-- that’s constructive

“You tw@t, you’re an idiot, stop playing like an autist and move on” <-- That’s just being a jerk


First of all, you shouldn’t insult other players at all. If you got such a poor grip on yourself, that you start yelling at people, maybe you should play something that doesn’t agitate you as much?

Then, if you absolutely have to insult people, use actual insults. The English language has a rich and varied landscape of creative bad language.

“Autistic” is not an insult; what you’re actually trying to say with it is “retarded”. Both are things you shouldn’t say to anyone. Ever. Simply in order to be a decent human being.
“Half the player base is doing it” is also no excuse. In that case, half the player base is wrong. Millions of flies and all that…

Don’t come here whining that people get cross with you, if you behave like a jerk. Maybe just stop behaving like an jerk instead?


As I said before, we live in a time where everything gets blown up, and people are so high and mighty. If we’ve really progressed to a species that are intelligent, and progressing, its about damn time that people stop being so self conceious, and start ignoring bad people.

If one is truly at peace with who they are, they can also ignore it. I am one person, a person, an insignificant person, I take issue with people who play it high and mighty and tell me its nothing, its a gift and bla bla. But what they’re actually doing is being pissed off, which means they are insecure, or don’t really accept who they are.

Everyone should accept who they are, and truly be gracious for the life that they have, that is what life is about. Being bothered by one person who plays no part in your life is worrying too much, and is unnacceptable, you have better things to care about.

So just as an off-topic:
If you struggle with autism or any other dissability, face reality, accept it and live a happy life, don’t care for others oppinions, half the time they suck.

Some people are just too obstreperous, in how they feel about themselves, and how to tackle life. There is one way, accept life as it is. Worry about those close to you, those you want to make impacts on your life.

And ignore everyone else who does not matter to you. Unless you actually love helping people, but then you’d be volunteering, or working with adults or kids who are troubled. Not the same as an online life, ignore idiots like me.

I take issue in people allowing themselves to be dictated by others, That is my whole ideal here. While I might be insulting people using autism, I am a bad person, Indeed I am. But I pity, and hate-love and want to strengthen people, if someone gets offended, it means they’re insecure, or embarrassed or other negative things, life is not long enough to worry about what others say about you, or what they do using a dissability you have, or anything else.

Live life.

I'm getting forum suspended soon, so is there anything people would like me to tell people?
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Ignored. Comments duly noted and not impressed.Oh and Betol what Moothilda has said is 110% what I wanted to say to you but seeing as I am able to manage and control my anger I felt a shrift sharp response was better. I do not like you at all for your attitude and I can only assume you liked my comment because you think you scored a point on a AS sufferer trust me you ain’t suggest you remove it because like’s from people like you on a thread on a topic that is dealing with a life long condition where you have sought to attack and goad people with do NOT sit well with me either. Again thanks for showing your true colours.

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Yes, people think they can say what they want without it having consequenses, that’s why we have a lot of SJW :slight_smile:

As far as I know, being self conceius is an important part of the intelligent species we are :wink:

Tell me how, when you have found the solution - sell it and make a lot of money :+1:

That’s really not how it works, but I know if you tell yourself something enough, you’ll believe it :wink:


Correct - but not relevant to this topic


Please do read up on stuff like this and return

No you are not a bad person. You, in my opinion is a person who are unaware of how words can affect - if you have read up on psychology you would know that a sentence every psychologist hate is:

“sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me”

Untrue, the words does the most harm!

In my opinion, you are not a bad person.
In my opinion, you are uneducated - you have every possible way to express how much you dislike a situation and you choose the most unserious and distasteful way of doing it, and then you want to justefy yourself by saying everyone is too sensitive :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Besides, this topic was not about people being too sensitive, but about how a personal matter clashes with some game mechanics like light, colours and sounds, and it makes the interaction with other people in a dungeon as an exampel hard

Have you ever come across a baby that experinced sensory overload? :slight_smile:
It’s a hell for everyone I can tell, now try to imagine being an adult - you are not alowed to scream for hours and go nuts because of this.

OP simply asked: Am I the only one? How I wish I could skip a part that gives me reason to scream.

Can I relate, no I don’t suffer from sensory overload - Can I understand as a person: Yes, we all have something.

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A lot of this misunderstanding seems to stem from autism including communication issues.It’s a very good example :joy:

Also using autism as an insult is insulting because you are implying that having it is something to be ashamed of/insulted by. If you can wrap your head round that. Anyone claiming otherwise is just looking for an excuse to be a jerk and get away with it.

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Thanks for saying what I wanted to say to this particular individual but if I had it would have likely resulted me having my account put on hold or worse still if I had proves I have the sense of self control not to rise to idiots who assume that it is acceptable to use someone else’s condition as an insult.

Well said.


Well, it seems you misundertood the message, it was as a reply to someone who replied to my earlier message. And not a message to OP.

Words shouldn’t hurt others, and people are too damn sensitive. Phsychologists are BS. They are the ones that tell you over and over to change, and then you do. They get paid to do a job anyone could handle.

Not caring is a state of mind. That many have troubles with, and its unnacceptable that they should feel hurt by others words, its not worth their time and effort.

And before you start blabbering about it not being true that phsycologists do a job anyone can do. Not that I can prove anything, but I have cured people of fears of going outside, or being in public spaces, changing them from introvert, to extrovert people, it took caring, it never took words. It took behaviour, and your nature.

And while I do understand your points, its simply too black and white. Wether it be an insult, or whatever. People should not be affected by words, or be affected by bad people, especially not online, or some people they will never ever cross paths with.

I find it pitiful and I would love to help them, but they are probably a few hundred kilometers away, in other countries. Its just facts, you can’t argue over it. Fact of the matter is 90% of all people don’t wanna listen to others BS, or go that extra mile to help them better themselves, or get over fear, etc. And while autism is permanent? The condition is just as normal as not having autism, we’re all different.

So what people need to learn is to ignore the baddies, and open up to good people, its that simple. And our consciousness shouldn’t be focused on ourselves, that’s not an important part of it. People that get overly attached to problems or words, need to work on their self image. Its just facts.

Let me rephrase ^ The couciouness should only focus on basics, and not get overly attached to acceptance. or to overly attached to one self. Everyone should build an image of themselves they like enough to not get hurt, or fear others oppinions, or words.

I’m prepping to study as a social educator, working with people with autism, dissabilities etc, adults that are troubled enough to not live by themselves, etc. and I will go thousands of extra miles for them. And teach them nothing is wrong, and they are able to live, and happily without letting others hurt, or make them feel embarrased or sad.

Look at it this way, being hurt with words is like being a little girl thinking about her self image. Same thing, sadly a lot of people in todays world never build up the confidence, or self worth. And another example is overly smug people, we want that state, but less smuggy. Nothing can hurt me, and I only care for the people close to me and their oppinions. That is what we want. Nothing else matters. Therefore, nobody should be hurt by words.

And as I mentioned earlier, I do know people with autism that throw that word around, and then we can say, because they have autism its okay. But is it? debateable - Although, they have never seen issues with me calling others out using autistic as an insult.

Because facts is as OP stated, it drains him, so logically insulting a person using autism is a legit fact. If you have a person failing tons of times, that person might have autism, because he’s worn out, or in a bad state with an overload. Its not just an insult with nothing in it. The whole autism diagnose is backing me up that it could be a cause to his slacking, or failing.

So as Mion stated below, its not directed at people with autism, its because its frustration, anger, and as OP stated autism can lead to poor performance, the symptoms that autism give are relateable in-game. Like when using the word retard as mion stated.

Its the before and after words used in the sentence “Autistic (???)” that might be wrong, but hell no. Aint silenced yet.

I'm getting forum suspended soon, so is there anything people would like me to tell people?

Autism is usually used to insult people who aren’t autistic as a means of putting across that they present tendencies that those who are autistic may have, despite not actually being autistic themselves.

Much of the time it is used in this derogatory sense, it’s not inherently designed to be an attack on ‘autistic’ people or those on the spectrum. It’s quite like how the term ‘retard’ is used to refer to people who aren’t actually retarded, etc, sometimes in anger.

I’ve lived around and spent much time with people who lack theory of mind, or are somewhere on the spectrum, one of the more extreme examples of which have cost me severe bruising because of what I considered to be a small mishap. (Forgot to wake them up at a specified time)

I’m now surprisingly aware of those who are on the spectrum and I’ve definitely had arguments with those in-game who definitely lack theory of mind, and while I’m not aggressive or offensive towards them, I will more often than not temporarily ignore them in the event of an argument because they are mentally, literally incapable of seeing another person’s point of view, so it’s not fair on them or me.

I hate stepping on egg shells. It fills me with dread and anxiety. At the end of the day, people can use whatever words they want. Context is important and people who are too easily offended or take offence at things that aren’t personally aimed at them are just moronic, imo.

At least on the internet, you can’t have literal faeces thrown at you or get punched because of a tongue slip.

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You what, mate…?

Excuse me, but I feel I have to comment here, what I see in you is someone, who never in their life experienced a real problem. I mean, a medical/psychological problem. You might say you did? But I’d bet you’d lie. What you say sound like an unexperienced immature personality who feels free to philosophise and make up theories, while not knowing how really an affected person might feel.

Because all you say, especially the pompous “Not caring is a state of mind”, shows that you are unable to walk in the shoes of people who suffer.
And what is this about?

Would be interesting if you can help me with a problem situation, since you seem to be a consultant of sorts. Example: I go to a bg as healer. I do my best, making a lot of effort, but maybe I am still not that good as other classes/players. Fine. There are times when in chat I get things like: “u suck” “retard”, “leave this game and never come back”, “(insert other abuse)”.

I would like you to advice me, and all other people in this thread, how to “detach” from words, when they are directed especially at them at a particular moment. I’d also like YOU to imagine such words are directed at you. Because it feels you lack empathy somehow.

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Of course it is, I don’t have all evening to write about this subject - and it is to vast a subject to have a proper discussion on a forum like this.

True, but tell me: Who in their right mind are able to do that?

Yes, it is unfortunately permanent.
And it ranges from mildly form where no one notices but the person itself to Rain Man types.

The mildly one has to do a lot of the work themselves, the ones who it in the other end, need someone to help them on “normal” problems.

No no, and it is simply not as simple and innocent as you want it to be :confused:
I get that you like Mions post, and of course I agree with this statement here :point_down:

But, we should change the words used to offend.
With the wide palette of words we have, we choose this word… Why?

Before it was people who isn’t a milky-white-pale european like me that was used as a swearword towards people - it’s changed.
People with dyslexia have been in the insulting business too, but that changed because people learned what dyslexia is.

Many words that has been used or described an emotional distress have been removed simply because people learned more about the word used.

But not every society can accept that.
And what you grow up in affect how you walk around and present yourself.

The thing is, the internet is a mish-mash of every culture and every society and idea that is.
This is also the reason why we are having debates like this - we are ajusting to each others ideas, and as in every relationship you give and take so everyone can be in the same space without having troubles.

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I stutter so voice chat for me is hell. I did not go to last raid because don’t want to go on voice with ppl ( Because Hihg Tinker ) Most ppl don’t get it and don’t understand it. Fighting with this since I was 5 years old.