Autism Awareness Month: anyone else having difficulties with raids?




Yes, but…
… they were always tacked onto the end of an expansion, means if you were not keen on the raid, ok, don’t raid, but you don’t miss anything. (Well, you were going to miss the cinematics, but you could always watch them online later.)

Dazar’alor is different as in “if you don’t do the raid quest, you’re also not going to see anything that follows!”
Not nice that.

U ok hun? :smile:

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I’m not asking for the quests to all be “kill 10 this” and “collect 10 that”, either, believe me :stuck_out_tongue:

Quests can dungeons can be a lot better than that.

Suramar. Remember that? More of that. Please :stuck_out_tongue:


Molten Core literally had no story to it other than “Ragnaros exists lol and he has loot”. All the story was told outside the raid.

Again I’ll bring up Suramar. Suramar the raid doesn’t actually have much story. We go in through the sewers, we raid the city, we take out a bunch of elves and demons, and we fight Gul’dan and Elisande, who had allied together to call the Burning Legion to Azeroth.

All of this was explained and exposed outside the raid. The only story of the raid was the actual raiding itself; it was just about our attack on the city, and there were no cutscenes at all. Not one!

By contrast, BfD contains several cutscenes - it even has a cutscene inside of a fight! It also tells some important character development about several characters.

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Now see I would happily do this. Especially if I could JUST bring a couple people I know. All for the story. Nothing out of it but the story.


raids are something you just grit yr teeth and get it over with .I don’t find any enjoyment in it. i am pushing on in years now been playing the game since the start with all its faults it’s the game I love. Still looking for group of old fogies who are relaxed, patient and enjoy the banter, it’s all rush rush rush then more rushing, anyway Turn the volume right down ,adjust visuals, remember your not alone. then off too the next war campaign

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Can’t argue that logic. :rofl:


I have a daughter with autism, and struggle with cptss and anxiety myself. I recognise quite a bit from your stories. I think where discussions like these get tough, is that when you ask for some consideration in a game, which you supposedly play for fun and relaxation (however one would interpret that for themselves), there’s often the quick conclusion that you must ask for this everywhere.

While the truth is that people often deal with these things irl as best as they can, but don’t need that battle everywhere. It’s nice to have a place to actually unwind from the daily stresses. To me it’s always seemed perfectly reasonable to play a game for that, instead of having to heap up more stress because of it. There should be choice, and it is odd when you get halted in the in game storyline because you get only one option which isn’t palatable to everyone.

To me it does feel forced when that’s the case, esp because WoW hasn’t always been like that. I can recommend looking for a nice community if you would like to try things, and are halted by anxiety, they exist and in that case it’s so great to see yourself overcoming obstacles with fun people :slight_smile: . But if it’s simply not for you, I think an element of choice should be there. As someone else pointed out, previously one could skip dungeons and raids, and still have a very fulfilling and rewarding game time. That way you can tailor your game experience to your own wishes and needs. This doesn’t bite anyone else, there’s no need to funnel people into content they have no desire to participate in.


I totally empathise and relate with this as well. I have Anthropophobia. I’ve had it all my life but it was only officially identified about 7 years ago. I’ve learned to develop mental barriers to deal with it - there was a time I couldn’t even go outside my own flat, now I attend a Uni surrounded by thousands of students and go out running regularly (solo)!

This may sound weird but it’s another reason for avoiding the voice chat and group content in the game. I have to keep these mental barriers up all day every day to deal with every day life and, while I’m used to it now, it’s still very tiring! So when it comes to WoW time, I tend to want to relax, keep myself to myself and play the content I enjoy. So knowing there is a raid I have to do, when I eventually get to BFA, in order to progress within the expansion makes me feel physically sick to be quite honest!

I’m trying to overcome it a bit more in-game though, hence my earlier posts. But I totally know how it feels to say “I really can’t people anymore!” ‘Peopling’ can be absolutely exhausting!!


Im autistic as well, you might have a different problem though


hope yr doing well, talking is good for us all . I believe we all have problems just some people don’t know it , take care

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Uhh,turn off sound and put your graphics settings to min?

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if you look at the biographies of an einstein, maxwell or newton, you can clearly see that they have autism / asperger or have traits of it. and see what they have achieved! for example, all three of them had difficulty with school, were happy to be alone, and Einstein forgot to put on socks when he went to court, and so on, and so on…


Hi all, to throw in my perspective (I’m on the spectrum, not that that’s a particularly helpful phrase since it affects everyone differently), I’ve found life a little easier playing ranged characters since I get a bit of metaphorical distance, meaning things are a bit easier to pick out and I have more time to react.

I was running dungeons on my warrior for those super annoying tidalcores, and between the boss AoEs, the mage’s blizzards and orbs, the chain lightnings, the demon hunters glowy green stuff, the different coloured but still green poisoned stuff and the six different messages on the screen about not standing there, and the various flashes from my abilities bar it’s pretty much like someone threw up the entire game on the screen all at once. How any neurotypical person can deal with that I don’t know, and I don’t have my graphics turned up that high.

Obviously there’s nothing constructive said there, it’s more a “feel your pain” story (So I can now tell my doctor I’m displaying empathy lol).

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This is a good point, though. I am a lot calmer playing a ranged in group content than melee. Less clutter on the floor, less people surrounding you, you can kinda take in the surroundings.


I play this game since TBC and im still clicking, get confused, get lost, im terrible for the most part, and i suck at raids and such, luckily mythics arent so hard to farm. Still harder than for normal people. I enjoy chill out and take it easy.
You can do zandalar raid in LFR if you mean for the quest.


to be honest tho, seeing how BAD mekatorque fight is for certain groups of people (colorblinds mostly) I doubt blizzard cares much about minority groups.

very sad.

If i have time, ill try to organize a raid for people who cant raid in the future

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If you guys are still up to this, I will join for sure. Got fed up with bad words and abuse and I started to shun away from any group activity because of this. I have my own problems and for sure can understand and empathise with all of you in this thread.

Have a horde char at 117 lvl, if this will be a horde community, and this pala at alliance. Will help with anything needed, I am a healer.

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If we have colour blind people in group we tend to call out the shapes instead. I realise most groups will blurt out the colours.


yeah but regardless, its a very bad design. just because there’s a way around it doeesnt make it any less bad imo

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Personally I really enjoy the fight but we had to sit the shy people in the raid who aren’t willing to talk on mic or don’t have one.

I think it’s a fun mechanic and I don’t see the difference between calling out a shape or a colour.

It’s not the only colour mechanic in the raid either. On Mythic Jadefire you need to be able to turn to the right colour mob for the five sided strike. The ring does become more predominant around the mob that is going to charge next but it’s an advantage if you can see the colours too.